EGO-C Twist Vape Pen Kit + Aspire Nautilus Tank Upgrade
EGO-C Twist Vaporizer Pen Kit

EGO-C Twist Vape Pen Kit + Aspire Nautilus Tank Upgrade

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EGO-C Twist Vape Pen Kit 

Best Vape Pen Kit for CBD Vape Oils!

The heart of any vaporizer pen (vape pen) is the battery.  And, the EGO-C Twist is one of the best on the market.  Not only is it good and powerful with 1300mah for long and strong life, but it also has a variable voltage setting allowing you to set how hot you want the unit to heat.  This is critical when it comes to thick CBD Vape Oils.

You see, most vape oils (or juices) are relatively thin, barely thicker than water.  But, most CBD Vaporizer Oils (juices) are usually much thicker due to the hemp CBD extract which is thick and gooey.  This thickness causes a problem in two ways when it comes to vaporizing.  1.  Getting the correct heat (or power) is critical so the oil and CBD doesn't burn and become harsh on your throat.  2.  Getting a cartridge that can handle this thickness without gunking up and dying prematurely is critical.

NOTE:  This vape pen kit is for CBD vaporizer oils that we carry on this website.  This vape pen kit is not appropriate for CBD extracts, dabs or waxes.  (Since we are a CBD company and not a vape hardware company, we do not carry vape pens for these type products.  The vape hardware industry is a business in and of itself.  You can find vape pens for these other types of products elsewhere online by searching for "vaporizer pen for waxes".)

The variable voltage battery of the EGO-C Twist gives you the ability get that heat/power setting just right.

And, the cartridge that comes with this vape pen kit is a CE5 Long Wick Clearomizer, which will provide the longest life you can get from a basic cartridge.  (note:  all cartridges and tanks will need to be rebuilt or replaced at some point as they do not last forever)

So, this kit, by itself is an ideal starter for the person just getting into CBD Vaporizer Oils and not sure how deep they want to get into everything.

But, for those who know they want the best from the beginning....

Pair the EGO-C Twist Vape Pen battery with the best CBD Vape Tank available:  The Aspire Nautilus X!

See Video Below of the Aspire Nautilus X

The Aspire Nautilus is not only larger than the cartridge which is included with the EGO-C Kit (1.6ml included cartridge -vs- 2ml Nautilus), the Nautilus' construction is all Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass for increased durability.  No plastic.  Nothing cheap about it.

But, also, just as the EGO-C Twist battery is adjustable in its power, the Aspire Nautilus is adjustable in it's airflow.  Turn the dial  to select exactly how hard of a drag you want and how much air/vapor you want flowing through the tank.

(Note:  The Aspire Nautilus requires a vape pen battery like the Ego-C or some other.  It does not work by itself.  The Aspire Nautilus is considered an upper end piece for the serious vapor.  It is recommended for only those who have experience vaping or have someone who can help them.  We do not do returns on these products, so be sure when you order, you are comfortable with your purchase.)

The Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) design is also the best at increasing life.

  • Product Features:
    • 22mm Diameter
    • Full Length Coil Design
      • U Tech Coil Technology
        • Airflow Enters From Top
        • Redirects Down and Back Up
        • Passes through Coil Structure Twice
        • Creates a Flavor Intensive Experience
    • Nautilus X Coil Structure
      • Dual Vertical Coil Structure
      • Organic Cotton
      • 1.5 ohm
        • 14 to 22W
        • 2.5mm Spacing
    • 2ml Tank Capacity
      • Threaded Top Fill
    • Dual Adjustable Top Airflow Slots
      • 4mm by 1mm
      • Anti Leak Design
    • Gold Plated Contact
    • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
    • Food Grade Delrin Drip Tip Sleeve

    Product Specifications:
    • 22mm by 45mm
      • Chassis
    • 10mm by 7.5mm
      • Delrin Drip Tip Sleeve


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