elite exhale logoElite Exhale as a company focuses on hemp-based CBD (Cannabidiol) distillate products created for the vaping consumer. Our proprietary blends using both hemp-based CBD full spectrum distillate produced in the United States and strain specific terpenes also produced in the United States makes us unique in the marketplace.

Terpenes are the volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oil of plants that contain not only the flavor profile,but also adjuvant medicinal properties.

Terpenes are important to Elite Exhale because they differentiate its product from all others on the market. In addition, our products are made from ingredients that have no pesticides or herbicides and are sourced in the United States under strict quality controls.

Elite Exhale uses a strain specific terpene blend that is exclusive to the brand which provides distinct flavor. We’re producing our initial brand from citrus cultivars such as; Tangie, Royal Orange and Clementine as launch flavor profiles.

Unlike other companies, Elite Exhale terpenes are extracted straight from the source of the plant and not chemically re-created. This gives Elite Exhale the purest quality and greatest flavor profile of any product on the market today. This creates an entourage effect for flavor, but also has other health benefits when vaping this oil. Elite Exhale products do not contain THC, but provide the highest quality CBD available.

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