Hemp Honey

Not Like Any Other CBD Vape Oil!

Hemp Honey Vape Oil products are different.  Not only are they created to be the most pure and greatest potency, for your pleasure and greatest effectiveness, they are created to taste amazing.  The Hemp Honey Vape Oil formulas are thick and syrupy, virtually like honey.  Using only kosher vegetable glycerin and not chemicals as most vape oils do, a thick viscous liquid is created that is not only great tasting but also highly effective.

Many people use vape oils infused with nicotine to help stop smoking.  But Hemp Honey is NOT infused with nicotine.  Rather, it is infused with very High Quality cannabidiol (CBD) for assistance with smoking cessation.  Many people feel that vaping CBD provides them the overall feeling that smoking tobacco gives them, but they claim the CBD reduces, and oftentimes, eliminates the anxiety levels caused from going without nicotine.  

All Natural  -  All Kosher  -  Organic Flavoring  -  NON-GMO CBD

No other company has been able to combine the well-being benefits of a High Grade CBD with an Organic Vapor Liquid   -   Order Yours Today!


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