While the marijuana research investment made by the government was once near $70 million, it’s since dropped off precipitously.

Although research is struggling, it feels like there is a new application for hemp and CBD just about every day. The link between marijuana and Alzheimer’s is still being explored with a strong case being made for its ability to help the elderly.

Here is a breakdown of how the link between marijuana and dementia is being explored.

Understanding Alzheimer’s

While Alzheimer’s and many forms of dementia are often characterized by forgetfulness and confusion, there are symptoms that aren’t as obvious as others.

The disease, once it is diagnosed, will develop quickly. It grows from a mild irritation to eventually enveloping the totality of the person suffering with it.

One of the major cognitive declines could be characterized by memory loss. Take note if your loved one is asking an inordinate number of repetitive questions and forgetting the answers over the course of the day. This is one of the surest signs that you may be dealing with Alzheimer’s.

It’s often more than just misplacing your glasses or forgetting the name of a singer. Alzheimer’s will disrupt the normal flow of life. Conversations and appointments will be completely forgotten and the names of even the closest family members can slip away.

Over time, that memory loss develops into the ability to get lost in even the most familiar of places, like a home or a favorite park. After a while, it can even develop into the inability to take part in normal conversations.

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