Pan's Ink

Based in California, Pan's Ink KNOWS terpenes!

Pan's Ink Terpene Products are designed to let you target the effects of your smoke.  By adhering to time-proven recipes and using only pure and natural essential oils from flowers and herbs, Pan's Ink is able to deliver more consistent results.  They never use synthetic terpenes!

Terpenes give plants and flowers their individual aromas.  Many of the effects gained from smoking herbs and plants are the result of the terpenes more than anything else.  Terpenes are what comprise the essential oils of plants.  There are many different terpenes, each of which provides a different effect when enjoyed.  Fortunately, you don't have to know which terpene does what....Pan's Ink has already done the work for you.

By selecting one of the fine Pan's Ink Blends below, you will be able to enjoy the effects of the terpenes you desire.  You can add the Pan's Ink Blend to any herb or plant you choose to smoke for the desired effect.

Pan's Ink  -  There is NO Substitute!
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