CW Botanicals brings you Charlotte’s Web™ products – made exclusively from world renown, internationally and Colorado grown strains of hemp genetics. This is a family owned company based in Colorado which provides CBD Rich Hemp products for myriad general wellness conditions. CW Botanicals controls the entire manufacturing process, from seed to final package, so purity and freshness is ensured.

Keep in mind that the hemp genetics of their plant line has been strategically developed to be consistently high in cannabidiol (CBD). And, everything from seed to delivery is centered around ensuring that you get the highest quality and freshest CBD for your needs. Currently, all their source hemp is grown in Colorado and Uruguay – but with focus on ensuring the most local product for freshness, soon their hemp will be grown in Kentucky for a second grow center in the United States. This will enhance CW Botanicals’ ability to deliver the freshest CBD for you.

“CW Botanicals Oil is saving my life that I truly thought was ruined for good by chronic pain. In six weeks of using CW I have come a million miles towards a reasonable quality of life, and so much more. I do not hesitate to purchase from you, as I’m consistently impressed with the speed that my oil reaches me from y’all.
~ Thanks so much, Stephanie”

“Charlottes Web is the best we have found, and Well Springs is the best place to buy. Lightning fast “free” shipping. Also with these recent price drops we decided to buy the 5000mc bottle. This is such a great bargain and the quality is second to none. My wife now has normal Blood Pressure from taking it, my sister has MS and we got her a bottle and she has less leg and foot pain as well as it has helped her vision from taking it. We also got a bottle for my sister in law for her hip pain from arthritus and bersitus, after 5 days of taking this CW she is up and walking around calling it a miracle oil, now they both are buying more because of the help they get from taking it. We highly recommend Charlotte Web. I also know it will help with autoimmune problems, cancers, and many other illness’.”
~ Terry, Oregon

Since CW Botanicals uses hemp strains that are high in CBD content, they get to use much less plant material to produce their products. Less plant materials mean less chance of impurities getting into any of their CBD formulas. This ability to minimize plant material, also minimizes the processing that must be undertaken to produce their CBD rich products. Less processing and closer growing centers allows them to ensure their products are truly the highest quality CBD Products available.

Finally, know that CW Botanicals is not just “following the crowd” by infusing their CBD into hemp oil. But, rather, they are infusing it into Coconut Oil, MCT Oil and Olive Oil for better effects. Coconut Oil is all over the news today about its benefits. And, because of the acids in CBD and various oils, select individuals are finding that their best results are coming from olive oil infused with CBD.

The Stanley Brothers are the original team that brought forth Charlotte’s Web line of high CBD, low THC medicinal marijuana for those seeking cannabidiol products. And, the name has grown dramatically since its inception. Why? Because people found what they were looking for. They found out what cannabidiol did for them and they told others and the strain became a household name in many areas of the country. Now, they’ve bred that strain into their hemp genetics and are bringing forth the same cannabidiol goodness that they’ve become known for. And, now they’re expanding their line of CBD products.

They have added some that are super high concentrations of CBD, as you’ll see below. They’ve also added a tincture. But, with super demand, comes a little growing pain. They currently are working feverishly to keep up with the demand of the Charlotte’s Web line of products they offer. As such, we try to only add products that they can reasonable support. These higher concentrations formulas are quite popular and CW Botanicals is doing a good job of supporting it. They have also launched a CBD Tincture, which we’re waiting to see if they’re able to keep it in stock before we offer it to our customers. We only want to list those CBD products that we can reasonably deliver to you in a reasonable amount of time. So, be on the lookout, as we continue to grow our offerings as they grow theirs.

The World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract
For thousands of years, hemp has been used for a variety of wellness needs and a key element in hemp is patented as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant.

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