Iris Gummies CBD EdiblesIris Gummies – Improving Life Styles through Wholesome Edibles!

Based in California, IRIS is firmly planted in the middle of the medical cannabis industry.  And, while many of their edibles are infused with marijuana compounds, the IRIS gummies are strictly infused with CBD from hemp and are therefore, legal in all 50 States.  These are THE MOST POPULAR CBD Gummies!  And, with IRIS, you get the assurance of knowing the company is not a small fly by night maker of edibles.  Rather, IRIS is a very large scale maker of many chocolate and gummie edibles.

After extensive amounts of research and time, IRIS has perfected the production of gummies and edibles for patients seeking assistance.  Not only are their quality controls the best in the industry, their great tasting edibles are easily recognized as some of the best tasting.  Taste and Quality are just as important as getting the beneficial compound you desire.  Getting your daily cannabidiol (CBD) through these great tasting edible gummies from IRIS is the best decision you’ll make today.

The most common question we receive is:  Do these CBD Gummies taste good enough that my child will eat them?  We can easily say that we have not heard of anyone, regardless of age, having any issue with these great tasting CBD edibles.  In fact, most people who order these once, order them again and again.  We feel this says a lot!

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