There is no denying that our pets are definitely more than just pets….they are members of our families. And, they, too, deserve the well-being that CBD Pets products may provide. So, we carry these items specifically designed for our 4-legged, 2-legged, slithering, climbing, flapping friends.

(Please know that most any of the CBD drops we carry can work with pets. The CBD Pets products below are simply designed with generally lower concentrations and packaging appropriate for animals that typically weigh less than average humans.)

CBD PAWS from Highland Pharms is lightly formulated for smaller dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, ferrets and, well, even snakes.
250mg CBD Hemp Oil Drops from Highland Pharms are typically better suited for larger dogs.
RxCBD Treats are excellent for any animal that would like a Chicken-Flavored biscuit, namely dogs or cats.

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