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How To Use CBD for Skincare

When applied topically, it can have calming and therapeutic benefits on the user’s skin. It has been proved to help in minimizing pain and inflammation caused by inflammatory skin conditions and may further ease headache discomforts.
May 13, 2020

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be extracted from marijuana or hemp and has been used for ages because of its numerous benefits. One of the benefits of CBD is its use for skincare. Studies show that when it comes to skincare, CBD has more potency as compared to vitamin C and Vitamin E. This is because its tiny molecular structure, when properly formulated, allows it to penetrate any kind of skin barrier and achieve maximum effectiveness. Once you know how to use CBD for skincare, you can achieve glowing, healthy skin.

Benefits of CBD for Skincare

Most people use CBD for its anti-anxiety and pain-relieving ability. Few people know how to use CBD for skincare. When applied topically, it can have calming and therapeutic benefits on the user’s skin. It has been proved to help in minimizing pain and inflammation caused by inflammatory skin conditions and may further ease headache discomforts. Its antioxidant properties help in fighting the free radicals and counteract the signs of aging. CBD, however, does not give you the high that is often gotten from using THC products. We have some great products that are THC free.

CBD is a strong antioxidant which is highly anti-inflammatory and has been proven to reduce lipid product from the sebaceous glands. It is known for its ability to fight acne, as well as sooth psoriasis and aid in slowing down signs of aging because of its neuro-regenerative and antioxidant properties. Below are some of the benefits of using CBD for skincare:

For acne

CBD oil tends to function as an anti-inflammatory. It has the ability to help calm skin, especially skin that is prone to acne. Acne is an inflammatory condition and this is where the CBD soothing properties come in handy by helping to diminish breakouts and reduce redness. According to recent research, CBD reduces the production of sebum in the skin in addition to shutting down other triggers that cause acne.

The human body has the ability to make our own cannabis type of chemical often referred to as anandamide. Some people refer to anandamide as a bliss molecule. Therefore, CBD naturally raises the levels of your own endocannabinoid. Increasing the anandamide in the human body and brain not only has anti-inflammatory effects but also other activities at other receptors.

For anti-aging and wrinkles

CBD oil has been proven to have antioxidant properties which largely contributes to the studies showing it can help lessen the visible signs of aging skin. Aging creams that are rich in CBD help in reducing the symptoms of aging such as a ruddy skin tone, dullness of the skin, and wrinkles.

In fighting wrinkles whether orally induced or topically applied to the skin, CBD oils possess the following helpful properties:

  • As a strong antioxidant, it reduces the number of free radicals in the skin besides enhancing the production of collagen.
  • It acts as a natural moisturizer and promotes oil secretion.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help in relaxing the skin and making the appearance of wrinkles less noticeable.

For sensitive skin

CBD is known for its soothing properties. It can help reduce redness in sensitive skin. It should be noted that this is not only for sensitive skins but all skin types, as any skin is bound to be affected by environmental stressors. The CBD’s soothing mechanisms can help keep one’s skin in check.

CBD is very effective in helping people manage skin inflammation, sensitive skin, and dry skin. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD help the skin to heal better and faster, reduce skin breakouts, and the flare-ups of eczema. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist on how to use CBD for skincare if you have sensitive skin.

For sore muscles

According to research that is still being done, CBD lotion has potential for helping humans who incur achy joints or sore muscles before and after workouts. The same properties make CBD lotion a very good massage lotion.

Additionally, sores and bumps are likely to affect people with sensitive skin, and according to research it is often linked to an individual’s autoimmune system. It most likely affects the cheeks, chin, eyes, and nose. Combining a dosage of CBD with a healthy fat-rich diet can work wonders when treating this condition.

For skin rash and itchy skin

Your skin is likely to develop rashes when you are under extreme stress or exposed to certain allergens or experience a change in your hormones.

CBD topical products are also known to give relief for itchy skin and bug bites. Having itchy skin may worsen depending on environmental changes. CBD products such and creams and lotions have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which make them the best option for itchy skin.

For flaky and patchy skin

This is a skin condition defined by the appearance of red scales with patches on the skin. It can be very painful and have a range of spots in the entire limbs which may begin to bleed. With such conditions, CBD oil ensures that cracked and broken skin effectively retain the moisture they need to heal. Notably, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help in relieving the burning symptoms, redness and associated dryness.

In using CBD, it is necessary to find the purest products available, since in most cases they tend to be effective. The price you pay is often an indicator of quality. Cheaper isn’t always better.

There is no set standard on how to use CBD for skincare even though the topical application is the most effective way. You will have to find what works for you and how much of a dose you need.

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