Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) - Green Label 10%
Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) Green Label

Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) - Green Label 10%

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Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) - Green Label 10% 

3gram Tube:             $69.95
15gram Tube:          $249.95
6 - 15gram Tubes:  $1199.95

50mg CBD Per Serving.  See More info below:

Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) is the award winning CBD Hemp Oil which contains only the highest quality, all natural CBD in the industry.  The Blue Label RSHO is slightly higher CBD percentage by volume than the Gold Label RSHO, but is not extracted quite as gently. No fillers or preservatives or additives of any kind.

The purest way to include our CBD hemp oil in your daily routine, our Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Green Label is as close to the original plant as you can get in hemp supplements. Extracted using supercritical CO2 and Triple Lab Tested™, our hemp oil is an impeccably clean way to add CBD to your diet. Our RSHO™ is also naturally abundant in CBD, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Each Green Label tube contains 1500 mg (10%) of CBD pressed directly from the hemp plant’s stalk and packaged in its raw form.

Our RSHO™ CBD hemp oil comes in an easy to dispense oral applicator. Press suggested serving size onto the tip of your finger or a spoon and place under the tongue. Hold in mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing.

Suggested Serving Size of RSHO:
.5gram twice daily
.5gram of RSHO at 10% is 50mg of CBD per serving

A Single 3gram RSHO Tube:
10% CBD by Volume:  300mg CBD

A Single 15gram RSHO Tube;
10% CBD by Volume:  1500mg CBD

6 Single 15gram Tubes:
10% CBD by Volume:  9000mg CBD

Ingredients: Raw CBD Rich Hemp Oil

Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) -  Green Label

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