Okay, so, I’ve got chronic pain. Pretty bad, some days, really. Because of all the Back Pain and CBD Hemp Oil the stuff in the news lately about Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil and the effects on various conditions, I learned that some people claim CBD Oil from Hemp can alleviate chronic pain, depending on the reason for the pain.

Having grown up in the 80’s putting all sorts of chemicals in my body, including HEAVY amounts of pot, I had no issue deciding I would try CBD Hemp Oil to see if it would help me. Now, mind you, I haven’t had any pot in decades, so I was a little excited, really to try it. I knew it wasn’t supposed to produce a high of any sort, but I was still just kinda excited.

Well, let me start by saying I didn’t get any “high” feeling on any of the products I tried no matter how much I took. Oh, well. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, sorry, you’re gonna have to find the real stuff.

Anyway, upon trying to select the CBD Hemp Oil products I was going to try, it was really kind of a shotgun approach. I would buy three, not really having a clue what to expect. I got:

1 – 8pc of CanChew CBD Gum
1 – 1oz Bottle of Plus CBD Oil Drops
1 – 3gram stick of Real Scientific Hemp Oil – Blue Label

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Buy I started by trying a piece of gum in the morning and a 2 spray dose of spray at night. And, actually, I could sort of tell a difference. My pain was no longer an acute pain, but more of a general “tiredness”. I’ve got swollen disks in my back which pinch a nerve leading to my leg and I’ve got really achy knees. I took this combo for a few days. And, the improvement stayed pretty static. But, I can’t say it was good enough to warrant continued spending for this degree of comfort. I mean, for some people, the improvement from this dosage would probably be enough and for some the improvement would probably be less, depending on that person’s actual condition.

Then, I got a little bolder. I decided I would try a 1/2ml dose of the Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) in the morning and see what happened. Well, this was MUCH BETTER. No Pain! NONE. GONE…for several hours. Also, I noticed my morning snack tasted much better than normal….thought that was kinda funny. Also, I had a sense of peace, of well-being. Ahhhhh.

I took my morning dose around 8am. By 430p or 5p, it was wearing off. My pain was slowly coming back. So, I decided after dinner, around 7 or 8 I would take another 1/2 ml dose. Takes about an hour and half to kick in, but once it does: NO PAIN, Yummy Food and General Calmness. Slept like a freakin’ rock that night. Morning time came and I definitely took another 1/2ml dose and again that night.

But, it was after this that I realized I couldn’t afford to spend as much as it was going to cost me to support this. So, here’s what I’ve settled on and enjoy my life quite a bit, now:

1 – 1/2ml of RSHO in the morning
1 – piece of CanChew Gum in the middle of the day, some days
1 – 2 spray dose of Cibdex CBD Oil Drops (now its called +CBD Oil)

This does me well. I can’t say it will do you the same. And, I can say due to Cibdex CBD Oil Drops Buy my tolerance for stuff, you might not need anywhere near as much as I take. What I can say is this: If you’re suffering from pain or epilepsy or some other condition that CBD Oil or Marijuana is claimed to help, you might as well try the CBD Hemp Oil products and see if they help. They’re all natural and, as far as I know, I’ve not heard of anyone having any adverse effects from High Quality CBD Hemp Oil.

Hope this helps…..

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