Dixie Dew Drops CBD Tinctures

Dixie Dew Drops CBD Tinctures are made from all-natural hemp grown in the rolling hills of Northern Europe, from a collective of more than 750 families, makes each Dixie Dew Drop perfectly potent. These families work hard to both grow and harvest their sun-kissed hemp in unison, providing an intense and flavorful high-CBD oil free from preservatives.



Product Description

Dixie Botanicals™ has fused the fire and tingle of cinnamon, the icy cool blast of peppermint, or lets the natural hemp flavor shine through with these cannabidiol (CBD) tincture drops to give you an all-natural hemp oil with a delicious taste. Fusing East Asian techniques with modern science, Dixie Dew Drops CBD Tinctures places the concentrated natural power of Northern European hemp in the palm of your hand in a modern style!

Dixie Dew Drops CBD Tinctures
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Vegetable glycerin, ethanol, sunflower lecithin, water, CBD hemp oil, CLA, natural peppermint/cinnamon flavor

Shake well before use. Use one to two pumps, once or twice daily.

Product Specs

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Vegetable Glycerin


Cinnamon, Natural, Peppermint


100, 500




1 fl oz (30ml), 2 fl oz (60ml)

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