Hemplucid CBD Hemp Seed Oil Drops


These CBD Hemp Seed Oil Drops from HempLucid are exceptionally tasty and sweet. The fact that this Hemplucid CBD drops is nutty and delicious, making it easy to enjoy and improve your overall well being.

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Product Description

Hemplucid CBD Oil Drops in Hemp Seed Oil

Choose your concentration of the Following:

250mg Bottle  –   Each Drop has approx .4mg (4/10) of CBD
500mg Bottle  –   Each Drop has approx .8mg (8/10) of CBD
1000mg Bottle  –   Each Drop has approx 1.65mg of CBD
1500mg Bottle – Each Drop has approx 3.4mg of CBD

Fact of the matter is that taking supplements might as well be as good of tasting as it can be, right?  These CBD Hemp Oil Drops from Hemplucid CBD are exceptionally tasty for the naturalist.  Since the base oil is Hemp Seed Oil, the overall flavor of these drops is rather hempy.  This is an easy and effective way to get children to take.  Great alone or in water, juices, smoothies, etc.

Hemplucid CBD begins with the finest ingredients.  Hemplucid CBD Oil has been meticulously extracted, filtered, and dewaxed, leaving a very concentrated, 50-60+% CBD-rich oil that has the appearance of  blackstrap molasses.  In fact, since all the wax and organic material has been removed, the full suite of active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other bioactive ingredients are liberated to make them more bioavailable….this means they get taken into the body more quickly and easily.  And, by taking this approach, the Cannabinoids in Hemplucid CBD Oil Drops typically measure as:  97% of them are less than 147 nanometers and 3% are the bioactive resins which measure at 752 nanometers.  Again, all this means that Hemplucid CBD is using science to enhance their CBD Oil products so that they are more effective.

Ingredients: CBD Hemp extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E (as preservative)

HEMPSEED OIL FORMULA (from the manufacturer)

“We take this CBD rich hemp oil and gently introduce it into cold-pressed virgin organic hemp seed oil. This oil is a characteristic green liquid used in nutritional supplement, food, and cosmetic products. This Virgin (unrefined) oil has a characteristic odor and taste. With high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low levels of saturated fatty acids, this Cold-Pressed Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil is known for its healthy properties.”

Due to the bio-availability of the CBD Hemp Oil, the peak absorption time will be approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours after taking.

Hemplucid CBD truly emphasizes natural products that taste great.

Hemplucid CBD Hemp Seed Oil Drops

Full spectrum CBD oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E (as preservative)


Take 1ml under the tongue, once or twice daily, or as needed.