Berberine Complex

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Berberine Complex is a proprietary blend of clinically-tested, natural ingredients. It’s designed to support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, while supporting immune function and normal gut flora.

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Berberine Complex is a nutritional supplement containing berberine, and is a powerful ingredient. Berberine is one of the primary compounds in Goldenseal root and has been used for centuries as an anti-diabetic treatment, due to its ability to lower blood sugar levels. Berberine also helps support healthy insulin sensitivity by strengthening the function of the digestive tract’s muscles, which helps protect against hormonal imbalances.

Berberine Complex is a powerful blend of naturally occurring plant extracts that promote optimal health because of their ability to support the body’s natural systems. It works in synergy in combination with other great ingredients to support healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and immune function.

This berberine complex combines the most potent forms of berberine, including extracts of the whole herb. Berberine is a natural phenolic compound found in many medicinal plants including goldenseal, goldthread and Oregon grape root. Wellspring’s Berberine Complex contains 500 mg of Berberine HCl per capsule. The addition of Bitter Melon Fruit extract along with banaba leaf further increases its potency and effectiveness to support a wide variety of health concerns.

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berberine complex
Berberine Complex

$24.95 or $21.21 / month

$24.95 or $21.21 / month

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