Consider These Thoughts When Buying CBD

Posted by administrator on 7/12/2016
Let's face it, there are a lot of choices to go through when you start looking at which CBD to buy.  There are drops, extracts, lotions, capsules and so much more.  There is this brand of CBD and that brand.  "Which CBD Should I Buy", becomes the question many people ask us when they call in.  Unfortunately, the truth is that the FDA won't let us say which one to buy, especially for any given condition, because recommending a particular product to someone who is seeking to use it for a particular condition implies that we are saying the product will or may work for that condition.  But, the FDA makes us treat CBD from Hemp as a food product and not a nutritional supplement.

Anyway, let's get on to some of the topics almost every phone call we get covers:

1.  How much CBD do I need?  Well, everyone is different in this respect and the only way YOU will know how much YOU need is to take it and work with the serving size until you find just the right amount.  But, fortunately, we do have the page on our website that is accessed from the homepage that helps people identify how much to start with.  There is a chart of information along with some very important text. 

2.  How many milligrams or how big of a bottle of CBD should I buy?  This truly depends on the answer to #1 above.  Using the number of milligrams recommended on the chart mentioned above, you can identify how many milligrams you might be taking per serving.  Assuming you will take it twice per day, as most people do, you now have your estimated daily amount.  We recommend purchasing at least 2 weeks worth to test it and see if it will work for you and what you're wanting it for.  So, using the number of milligrams you'll be taking daily, multiply the number by 14 and that's the minimum amount of CBD we recommend you starting with.  EXAMPLE:  let's say your estimated serving size is hypothetical 15mg of CBD and that you'll be taking it twice per day.  This means you'll be taking 30mg per day.  30mg per day times 14 days is 420mg of CBD.  So, we'd recommend a product that has at least this many milligrams for you.  There are many 1 ounce bottles that have 500mg in them and this would be an appropriate amount to consider.

3.  Which brand is best?  Like the answer to question 1 above, it all depends on YOU and YOUR BODY.  While one brand may do wonders for one person, it may not do much for someone else who has the same condition and weighs the same.  Our body chemistries are all different and so not any one brand will work across the board for everyone.  So, how do you choose which one?  Well, a lot goes into finding one whose description resonates with you.  If you find that "one", you might should strongly consider it.  Barring that, the two brands that are the most reordered on our site are CW Botanicals and Highland Pharms.  To us, we see re-ordering as a big indication that it must be doing something right for someone or they wouldn't re-order.  So, you might consider these brands.

4.  How do I take the CBD?  Can I put the drops in a juice?  The best way to take any CBD product is by placing it under the tongue for 90 seconds, then swallowing.  This is because the CBD is absorbed rather quickly and in good condition under the tongue.  For those who cannot keep it under the tongue, you can swallow it and let it do its work.  However, the acids in the stomach will start breaking it down before its fully absorbed.  And, so, we recommend increasing the serving size by about a third if the CBD will not be kept under the tongue for the first 90 seconds.  If someone needs to put it into a juice or something, this is fine, again, as long as the serving size is increased.

Hopefully, the information on for these 4 questions will help you as you determine which CBD to buy.

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