Where to get Legal CBD Oil for Sale?

Posted by Administrator on 6/8/2015
If you are looking for legal CBD Oil for sale, there's a couple things you should know.  First, you may need to understand what your state laws are regarding CBD oil.  Second, you should know that there are two different types of CBD Oil for sale, one is restricted in many states and one is legal in all 50 states.

So, let's dive in....

So, the first issue:  knowing what your state's laws are pertaining to CBD Oil.  For this question, this only applies to cbd oil extracted from marijuana.  Every state has their own guidelines as to what's legal.  And, as you may have heard by now, some states, like Colorado and Washington, have completely legalized all forms of marijuana and thus, CBD Oil.  And, some states, such as Oklahoma and Utah, still maintain that all forms of marijuana are illegal, as do most states.  But, there are several states now that fall somewhere in between.  Some states have legalized CBD Oil extracted from marijuana as long as the THC (the compound in marijuana that causes the psychotropic, or "high", effect) is lower than a particular percentage.  So, again, if you are wanting CBD from marijuana, you need to research your own state's laws to see if its legal.  In most states, it is still not legal.

That brings us to the second issue:  knowing the 2 types of CBD Oil available.  One, as mentioned in the previous paragraph is CBD that is extracted from marijuana and the other is CBD that is extracted from hemp.  CBD, or cannabidiol, is CBD.  At the molecular level, there is NO DIFFERENCE in the CBD.  It is what it is.  What may be different is what other compounds are with it, such as the THC we were talking about previously.  CBD extracted from marijuana USUALLY is accompanied by some level of THC that is great enough to cause some degree of "being high", although some levels are so low that the "buzz" is not so great.  Now, CBD extracted from hemp is always legal cbd oil for sale because hemp's THC percentage is naturally less than .3%.  This level of THC is so low that as far as I know, no one has ever felt the psychotropic effect or 'high' from this degree of THC.

So, in summary, if you want legal CBD oil for sale and want CBD extracted from marijuana, you may nor may not be able to get it legally in your state.  However, if you want the same molecular compound extracted from hemp, CBD Hemp Oil is legal in all states.

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