In recognition of our customer’s desiring quick and easy access to our CBD Oil Vape products, we have launched The CBD Vape Shop within our existing site.

Since our customers are familiar with where we are located on the web, we didn’t want to redirect them to a new website built out for their experience. But, we DO want to give them quick and easy access to the CBD Oil Vape products they’re wanting. Additionally, we want to allow them to buy non vape items without having to complete a second checkout process. So, The CBD Vape Shop has been launched within our existing site:

All the same products are available and customers can access all of our products within one shopping experience. We just wanted to make our CBD Vape Oil customers feel special and give them quick and easy access to their desired products. To date, we have added a few new vape products like the Volcano Inferno Vaporizer Kit. And, very soon, we will be adding the HighLand Pharms line of CBD Oil products which includes vaporizer products. As well, we will be adding more features and looks to the CBD Vape Shop as time goes on.

The CBD Vape Shop is now open. Please be patient as we integrate new features and looks into the shop. Shop On!