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CBD Hemp Oil

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Hi-Content CBD Rich Hemp Oil - WellspringCBD.comThe Hi-Content CBD Hemp Oil Products shown below have the HIGHEST and BEST QUALITY concentration of CBD. These products generally allow you to get more CBD for the money. You use less product, but get more CBD into your body.

These days, now that these products have been around for a while, most manufacturers are continuing to increase the concentration levels of all the products. Where 25% concentration used to be considered fairly high concentration, now days, products are increasingly passing the 50% mark and now even 70 – 80 – 99% is easily found.

So, why do you want High Concentrations of CBD Hemp Oil?

As with most things, when you buy more of it, you actually pay less per unit than if you don’t buy as much. And, so buying highly concentrated CBD products, but taking only the necessary number of milligrams you need, you’re able to get the best price per serving of CBD. The CBD products listed on this page are all products that you take very little of to get a relatively high serving amount of CBD. These are better buys!

What usually happens is people shop for Hi-Content CBD Hemp Oil with us and make a purchase with a smaller milligram item. Then, when they find the CBD does what they had hoped for, they return to purchase in more concentrated forms to take advantage of the better prices. We appreciate our returning customers as we work hard with the lowest prices possible to begin a relationship with a customer. Then, we follow up with the most attentive service that we possibly can so that the customer has no choice but to return to Wellspring CBD because they know they will not be taken care of as well anywhere else. We truly appreciate our customers! After making a purchase with us, we ask you to please return in a couple of weeks to provide feedback on our service and the product you tried.

Please know that the higher concentration level does NOT necessarily make a product more effective. It usually only means that you take less of a product to get the same amount of the cannabinoids and thus the product will last you longer.