CBD Oil Dosage Size

Unfortunately, when it comes to natural remedies, which some individuals consider hemp CBD oil to be, there is no way that a specific amount can be recommended. Everyone’s body processes and metabolized things differently. We have hear of some people with a particular condition and a particular weight taking a certain amount. And, we have heard of other people who have the same situation and same weight who either take much more or much less. Of course, some of this variation in How Much To Take has to do with the actual quality of the cannabidiol (CBD), but more often the variation has to do with the individual. So, be aware that regardless of what you read, either on the product packaging showing a particular serving size, or online in a forum or some other place, your use will most likely involve some experimentation to find just the right amount for you.

With that being said, we have had a website shared with us by a customer who said they found the information to be useful, as did others they knew. And, since we have made it available to our customers, we have gotten mostly positive reports about it helping to determine how much CBD someone might want to take per serving.

Website for “How Much CBD Should I Take”?

You can click on the link below to view the page of information. Please, however, read ALL the information and understand it. All too often, people only read the chart of info and don’t take the time to read the entire page! The written information on the page is equally important as the chart. So, please do not do yourself or your loved ones a disservice by not reading it all.

Here is the link: How Much CBD Should I Take?

How Much CBD Should I Take Chart

Please know that we are only providing the link to the page above for your reference and information. The FDA will not allow us to tell someone, very appropriately, how much CBD they should take. So, by visiting the page above, the user understands that the information found on the page is in no way connected to WellspringCBD.com. Further, in no way should the information found on the webpage be construed to mean that WellspringCBD.com is stating that CBD will treat, diagnose, or cure any health condition or disease. Further, the efficacy of these products has not been confirmed or denied by FDA approved research. All information presented here is not intended as a substitute for, or alternative to, information provided by a health car practitioner.