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15 Best Cannabis Snacks: Everything from CBD Gummies to Hemp Chocolate

If you've got a sweet tooth and are looking to relax, check out these 15 tasty snacks like CBD gummies and hemp chocolate.

Are you ready to eat away stress and worry? CBD-infused edibles have gone mainstream and are increasing in popularity as science continues to back up the positive health effects of CBD.

In fact, it’s projected that by 2020 the amount of CBD consumer sales will be 1.15 billion US dollars. There is a wide range of CBD-infused snacks hitting the market today–from CBD gummies to chocolates, to matcha tea.

Are you curious about trying a CBD snack? Do you wonder what all the CBD hype is all about?

We’ll explain why CBD edibles are becoming a daily treat for people and give you a list of 15 tasty CBD treats to try today.

What Is CBD?

There’s a lot to know about cannabidiol, or CBD, which is the naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. You’ll mostly hear about CBD that comes from two types of cannabis plants: marijuana or hemp.

What’s the difference? The main thing you need to be aware of is that marijuana is high in THC (the compound that gets you high) and low in CBD. In contrast, hemp is relatively low in THC and high in CBD.

This is why most CBD-infused snacks will emphasize that the product is made from hemp-derived CBD. You don’t have to worry about getting high, and you also don’t have to worry about the legalities of eating it.

Health Benefits of CBD Snacks and Gummies

So what’s the big deal about CBD edibles? The evidence is still emerging.

Most notably, CBD products have been connected with easing symptoms of worry and pain. This means “CBD gummies for pain” is an actual thing.

Because CBD is nonpsychoactive, it appears to be a safe treatment for every day aches and pains. Individuals can buy CBD oils and capsules, but recently a variety of tasty CBD snacks have captured consumers’ attention.

It’s important to educate yourself about cannabis products before loading up your shopping cart. But if you’re ready to try out a few CBD edibles, here’s a list of 15 treats that will satisfy your tastebuds and maybe even help you relax.

15 CBD Snacks to Try Today

You’ll find most of these snacks by shopping online and you’ll want to be aware of each treat’s CBD quantity. While you test out all the different flavors of CBD-infused chocolates or sour gummy bears, appreciate both the flavor experience and relaxation experience. Here are fifteen snacks to help you get your chill on.

1. Smokiez CBD Gummies

Smokiez is a group based out of Portland, Oregon who want to make a difference in the world. Before you start wondering… No, their hemp CBD products do NOT contain any THC– They only make our products with tested and compliant hemp derived isolate.

2. CanChew/Wellness CBD Gum

Wellness Gum, formerly CanChew, is formulated to offer increased absorption for a fast-acting, on-the-go option to get your daily CBD. Each piece of gum delivers 5mg of CBD and 25mg of full-spectrum hemp oil.

3. WellspringCBD’s Gummies

This great CBD gummy is made with vegan friendly ingredients! The assorted flavors are extremely tasty, and they pack a respectable 10mg of broad spectrum CBD per piece, making them ideal for those who wish to avoid THC for themselves or family member.

4. Strava Hemp Oil Infused Coffee

Created by a Denver-based roaster, this hemp oil infused coffee features tasting notes of brown sugar and cherry. It not only makes a great option for a comforting hot beverage, but each 12-oz bag contains 240 mg of CBD.

5. Lulu’s Hemp Oil Chocolate

These decadent hemp chocolates are a perfect treat after a long day. Made from Arriba cacao from Ecuador and sweetened with coconut sugar, each serving contains 40 mg of CBD.

6. Plus CBD Oil Gummies

Sometimes all you want is a candy you can enjoy throughout the day, and Plus CBD Oil Gummies are perfect for that. They contain a low dosage of CBD that makes it safe to snack on them throughout the day.

7. Cordial Organics CBD Bitters

Need to chill out but still want to keep it classy? These CBD-infused bitters are perfect for crafting a CBD cocktail. Each bottle contains 300 mg of CBD and features a mixture of herbs like peppercorn, cardamom, lemon, and more.

8. To Whom It May CBD Chocolates

If you enjoy trying unique flavors of chocolate, then you’ll enjoy To Whom It May’s cherry cayenne or hazelnut brandy bars. The company’s CBD-infused chocolates contain customizable amounts of the compound and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

9. The Brothers Apothecary CBD Tea

For those who prefer a soothing cup of tea to coffee, The Brothers Apothecary makes eight different tea blends to suit your fancy. Each tea bag contains 60 mg of CBD that comes from lab-tested and US-grown hemp.

10. CannaBees Raw CBD Honey

This unique honey is both treatment-free and carefully blended with CBD oil. It is made from a mixture of wildflower honey and honey produced by the company’s rescued bees. You get both the benefits of raw honey coupled with the health benefits of CBD.

11. Aurora Hemp Elixirs

This refreshing drink features light and soothing flavors and comes infused with 15 mg of CBD per bottle. Choose from either lavender or grapefruit and enjoy it over ice on a hot day.

12. Yum Yum Gummies CBD-Infused Sour Bears

These CBD-infused candies combine the soothing effects of CBD with the fun of eating sour candy. Each gummy is infused with CBD oil that comes from hemp.

13. Highland Pharms All Natural Hemp Gummies

If you’re looking for a CBD gummy that can get you your daily dosage while also containing all-natural ingredients, then these Highland Pharms gummies are exactly what you need. Each gummy comes packed with 20 mg of CBD oil.

14. Jewlz Jamz CBD Jams

Now you can get your dosage of CBD with your morning toast. These blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry jams are vegan-friendly and packed with 200 mg of CBD per jar.

15. Pearl Butter Not Pot Butter

Speaking of toast, this limited-edition CBD butter will transform your morning meal. As a collaboration between Pearl Butter and Not Pot, this creamy concoction brings you a tasty coconut butter infused with Matcha and CBD.

Cannabis Edibles for Everyone

CBD-infused treats might not actually suit everyone’s fancy, but there’s enough variety out there for every curious snacker to try something new. From exotic CBD chocolates to extra-sour CBD gummies, the market for hemp edibles makes it both fun and easy to get a daily serving of CBD.

You can even go beyond snacks and try other CBD products like lotions and vape oils. You can even get your pets in on the fun with CBD products for pets.

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