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what are cbd bath bombs

Blissful Bathing: What Are CBD Bath Bombs and How Do They Work?

Up your home spa with the addition of CBD bath bombs, which will add the soothing and pain benefits of CBD oil.

You come home after a stressful day of work. You decide to wind down by lighting a few candles, filling up your tub with warm water, and plopping in a bath bomb. While bath bombs are relaxing in their own right, there is something that can make them even more soothing.

CBD bath bombs allow you to bring the spa experience into your bathroom. While they can be a bit expensive, your body will thank you because they have the possibility to make your skin glow and ease pains.

If this has you interested, here is a quick guide on what they are, what’s in them, and a little more on how they can benefit you.

1. What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

If you’re not familiar with bath bombs, they are little balls that you place in your bath that dissolve in the warm water. Why pay money for a ball that you’re only going to use once?

There is the aesthetic; they usually dissolve into glitter and pretty colors. They also provide some aromatherapy benefits because they smell amazing. Also, you can get one for just about anything.

If you have trouble sleeping, there is a bath bomb for that. Want glowing skin? Bath bomb.

Want the benefits of CBD that you’ve heard so much about but think putting the oil under your tongue is gross? Bath bomb.

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2. What Is In them?

Usual bath bombs are made with Epsom salts, citric acid, and baking soda. There is some form of essential oils added to produce the aromatherapeutic properties.

Sometimes the CBD oil takes the place of the essential oils in the bomb so there is no smelly good stuff. That’s the only real difference between the regular bath bomb and a CBD one.

3. Benefits of Them

While bath bombs have benefits even when they don’t contain CBD, you get so many more when they do. These benefits come because the ingredients found in bath bombs work so great when used with CBD.

Have a Spa at Home

CBD bath bombs can bring the spa right to your own bathroom. Light a few candles, put on your favorite calming music, draw your bathtub water, and throw in a bath bomb. After a few moments of soaking in it, the relaxing feeling will start to flood through you.

By the end of your bath, you’ll go straight past a simple calm and slip into a meditative state. All the stress from the day will drip off of you to the point where you’ll forget what you were even worried about.

CBD Works Well with the Epsom Salts

For years Epsom salts have been used in detoxes. Not only does it rip toxins straight out of the body but it also eases sore muscles, improves one’s mood, manages one’s appetite and helps with weight loss, and just improves one’s health in general.

If you know much about CBD, you’ll notice that many of the effects it thought to have line up with these common effects of Epsom salts. When you use both together in a bath bomb these benefits are basically doubled.

Your Skin Will Glow

When you soak in warm water, your pores open up. Your pores opening gives the Epsom salt and CBD the chance to pull out any harmful toxins from your skin causing it to have a certain glow.

On top of making your skin glow, there are a couple of other ways that CBD benefits it. It’s thought to slow down the effects of aging, eczema, attack blackheads and acne, psoriasis, and reduce wrinkles.

They Soothe Body Aches

Many people use it to try and mitigate conditions such as daily pains by dripping it under their tongue or consuming it some other way. If this is true, think about what it can do when your whole body is absorbing it.

It could relieve muscle cramps and spasms, stop the pain that comes with arthritis, ease bodily tension, relieve sore muscles, and even shrink a few of those annoying bug bites that you got at the family BBQ.

Essential Oils and CBD Work Wonders Together

CBD doesn’t just work well with Epsom salts. Some of the natural healing properties of the essential oils mix well with it as well. As we go through these essential oils you’ll probably start to see a pattern.

  • Peppermint: helps with nausea
  • Lavender: relaxes you after a hard day
  • Clove oil: boosts immune system
  • Frankincense: builds up your immunity and is neuroprotective
  • Ginger: aids in digestion
  • Cypress: improves your circulation
  • Grapefruit: supports your metabolism and takes care of cellulite
  • Eucalyptus: boosts your immune system and aids in breathing

No matter what your needs, it seems like there is an essential oil for it. Like the Epsom salt, a lot of their effects line up with and bounce off of CBD. These benefits could be increased by its presence.

Create Your Own Spa Day with CBD Bath Bombs

Relaxing with a bath bomb is the perfect way to treat yourself after a long day at the office. While regular ones are soothing in their own right, the presence of CBD can increase their effects.

CBD can work with the ingredients found in bath bombs to leave you with glowing skin, calm you, and ease bodily pains. Next time you’re at a specialty store think back to this guide to determine if picking up CBD bath bombs could be the answer to your troubles.

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