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CBD Treats for Dogs: 10 Important Benefits

CBD oil works great for human ailments, so what about when we treat our pets? Here are 10 important benefits you should know about giving CBD treats for dogs.
Jason L is a 1st time father to a bouncing baby boy, and long time cannabis enthusiast.

Written By Jason L

On December 12, 2018

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Maybe you’ve never had a need to use CBD yourself, but you know someone who has. Your mom may use it to soothe her chronic pain, your roommate may need it for anxiety, or your coworker might use CBD to improve their focus from time to time.

Either way, chances are you’ve heard about all the great things that CBD can do. But, have you considered all the benefits it can offer your dog?

That’s right–this isn’t just something for humans to enjoy. CBD works well to treat various health conditions in dogs, too. It can improve your dog’s comfort and wellbeing when they’re feeling ill, and significantly improve their overall quality of life.

Here’s everything that CBD treats for dogs can do for your furry friend.

1. Soothe Pain

Whether you have an old dog who’s dealing with chronic pain or a younger pet who’s recently undergone surgery, he/she needs CBD. It only takes one CBD dog treat to make them feel much better.

This can lift your dog’s spirits and encourage them to be more active and sociable. When they’re not as focused on the pain in their bones or muscles, they’re better able to enjoy their life every day.

2. Lower Inflammation

It’s easy to tell when a dog is in pain if they’re limping on one of their feet or if they have an open wound. Inflammation is a little trickier to spot, though.

Your dog may be dealing with internal inflammation or they could have a slightly inflamed body part that’s hard to see under their coat. But, you should be able to tell that something is off pretty quickly.

Once you notice a flare-up of any sort, the best thing to do is give your dog a CBD treat then take them to the vet. The treat will kick in and make them comfortable, and the vet will tell you exactly what you need to do from there.

3. Help with Digestion

Another form of physical discomfort that CBD treats can help with is digestion issues. If your dog’s “business” hasn’t been coming out like normal, try giving them a few CBD treats before you start messing with their regular diet.

This may be all they need to better go to the bathroom. It may help them keep down food if they’ve been upchucking a lot, and it will make them more comfortable throughout the entire digestion process.

4. Increase Appetite

It’s hard for a dog to have digestion issues if they’re not even eating much to begin with. However, it is possible for these two health problems to correlate.

If you’ve noticed your dog isn’t eating as much as they normally do, see if they’ll take a bite at a CBD treat. Once this digests it will start to encourage your dog to eat more thanks to the effects of CBD at work.

5. Calm Nausea

Up next on the list of CBD oil benefits for dogs is nausea treatment.

Dogs can get car sick, too. They may also have an issue with nausea as a symptom of a more serious health problem, or just due to old age. Whatever is causing them to feel dizzy and disoriented, though, CBD can bring them to a more grounded state of mind.

It works to provide mental benefits in dogs in a similar way that it can with humans. As far as nausea goes, CBD will calm both the mental and physical effects.

6. Ease Anxiety

Speaking of the mental benefits of CBD dog treats, consider how anxious your dog is for a second. Maybe he/she isn’t goodaround other dogs because they get nervous or overprotective. Maybe they’re more anxious around new people than other animals.

No matter the kind of anxiety they have, CBD is the tool you need to help them calm down. This allows you to create a state of calm and keep your dog feeling that way before they’re introduced to something that usually triggers their anxiety. It’s a good treat to give them before guests come over to the house or when you’re about to take them for a walk.

7. Treat Noise Phobia

There’s having a generally anxious dog, and then there’s the matter of comforting a dog who’s afraid of loud noises like thunder, fireworks, or even loud speaking.

If this sounds like your dog, give CBD treats for dogs a shot. Their soothing effects should be able to work on your dog’s noise phobia. He/she will still be able to recognize the loud noises around them, but they won’t feel as intimidated or afraid by them.

8. Prevent and Stop Seizures

It’s a scary thing to see anyone–human or animal–have a seizure. It’s a little harder to comfort your dog, though, because they’re not able to speak to you and tell you how they feel. Still, it’s up to you to comfort them and do your best to prevent their seizure.

CBD treats can help. This offers many benefits for dogs who suffer from epilepsy and their owners. The use of CBD drops during an epileptic seizure can help stop your dog’s shaking and uncontrolled movement. Regular CBD dog treats can even prevent such episodes from happening and make them less and less frequent.

9. Stop an Itch

One of the more interesting health needs of a dog that some owners forget about is their skin. Just because you can’t see the skin under their coat or they have a thick coat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look out for dry spots or places where hair is falling out or thinning.

If your dog has already started to itch, it might be best to look into topical CBD solutions. If you know he/she is prone to skin and coat issues but there’s nothing flaring up right now, giving them CBD treats on a regular basis can help offset the risk of such a health issue.

10. Boost Health from the Inside Out

As great as all the benefits of CBD treats for dogs mentioned above are, they’re only the beginning! Giving your dog CBD can offer many more health benefits.

These include:

  • healthy organ function
  • cardiovascular support
  • better growth and development
  • immune system support
  • protection of the nervous system
  • fight/prevent cancer

At least one of these health benefits is sure to be something your dog could use more of. Even if they already have a good diet and pretty good health overall, it doesn’t hurt to add to their health even more.

Find the Best CBD Treats for Dogs!

The best way to realize all the benefits of CBD treats for dogs is to start using them in your home. But, you have to find the right treats for your dog before you can discover their effects!

Pay special attention to the dog treat labels and see what they’ve been made for. Some will be focused on doing things like offering digestive support and heart health, while others are more for soothing anxiety and chronic pain.

To get your search started, click here.

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