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What is CBD Good For? WellspringCBD

What is CBD Good For?

What is CBD good for? There are a variety of uses for CBD extracts from anxiety to pain. Click here to learn more uses for this product.

Life sure can be a pain sometimes. Maybe you’re dealing with chronic pain that prescription medication isn’t good enough to handle. Or, maybe you’re tired of the emotional pain you feel every time you look in the mirror and wish you could quit tobacco.

Fortunately, those are some of the reasons why CBD oil exists! CBD, shortened from cannabidiol, comes from the cannabis plant and is a chemical known as a cannabinoid. Understandably, you may be asking “Exactly what is CBD good for?”

CBD extracts have a wide variety of uses, including helping with worry, pain and other ailments. The benefit of CBD over another type of cannabinoid — THC — is that it doesn’t give you an undesired high.

Here is a rundown of the many uses of this increasingly popular product.

Let’s dig in!

What Is CBD Good For? Unease, to Start

If you struggle with feelings of unease, CBD might help you to manage it more effectively.


Researchers believe that CBD might change how the receptors in your brain react to a chemical known as serotonin, which is associated with mental health. The receptors are essentially small proteins that bind to your cells, obtain chemical messages and help the cells to respond to various stimuli.

According to scientists, CBD might be able to help with reducing stress as well as decreasing detrimental physiological effects, such as an increase in your heart rate.

It may also induce sleep if you’ve been struggling with sleep troubles for far too long. Do be cautious, however, as CBD can also be energizing, a term called biphasic.


Another major benefit of CBD oil is that it affects your immune system’s receptors and thus might help to reduce puffiness in your body.

This means that CBD oil might help you to manage your acne more effectively.

Here’s how.

Scientists discovered that CBD oil may be able prevent activity in your sebaceous glands — the glands that produce sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that keeps your sky hydrated. However, too much of it results in zits.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with acne, CBD oil may be the key to a clearer face and thus a higher level of self-esteem.

Neurodegenerative Conditions

Yet another benefit of CBD is that it may help with addressing neurodegenerative conditions — disorders that cause your nerves and brain to deteriorate as time progresses.

Scientists are currently studying a certain brain receptor to find out how CBD may help those with various types of neurological disorders.

CBD might also help to decrease the swelling known to make neurological disorder symptoms worse. However, additional research is necessary to completely understand CBD oil’s effects for neurological diseases.

Quitting Smoking or Drugs

Some evidence points to the idea that the use of CBD might help those who are trying to axe their cigarette-smoking habits.

Researchers indicated that in a particular study, smokers who used inhalers featuring CBD did not smoke as many cigarettes. They also didn’t have any extra cravings for nicotine.

Researchers also found that the cannabis compound might help those struggling with opioid abuse as well as drug withdrawal symptoms. Specifically, abuse victims may receive help with insomnia, pain, worry, and mood symptoms by consuming CBD.

How to Use CBD Oil

CBD extracts can come from hemp as a powder or an oil. These materials can then be incorporated into gels or creams.

Alternatively, CBD can be placed into capsules that you take orally, or you can run this chemical on your skin.

A discussion with your doctor may help you to determine what form of CBD oil would work best for your particular medical condition.

How We Can Help

We offer high-quality CBD oil and hemp extract products. What sets us apart is that we offer only the top brands of CBD dabs/wax, vape oil, drops/sprays and extracts.

Our goal? To ensure that you, our valued customer, gets the most bang for your buck. We take pride in our products’ ability to help you to feel better mentally, physically and emotionally but without the intoxicating effects of THC.

Still wondering “What is CBD good for?” Get in touch with us to find out more about how our CBD products may be able to help you to experience a better quality of life long term.

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