The Difference Between CBD Isolate & Full Spectrum CBD - What to Know

Cannabidiol (CBD) products continue to skyrocket in the medical world and dietary supplement market due to its wealth of healing properties. Different products are emerging left and right as the herb’s therapeutic benefits put cannabis under the spotlight - from oil, edibles, creams, isolates, and more.

While it is not an all-cure medicine, many people from different parts of the world want to reap its health benefits and various applications. With extensive options available in the market, finding the right CBD product to take can be a daunting process.

The best steps to take is first to understand the first terms you need to familiarize yourself with when shopping for CBD products: full-spectrum and CBD isolate.

What is CBD Isolate?

The most common type out of all the bunch, CBD isolate sounds precisely what its moniker suggests. It is a product that contains pure, isolated CBD with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. Isolates are typically seen in the form of powder, crystals, wax, resin, shatter, and other mediums used in dabbing.

While CBD isolate seems simple upon first glance, the process behind the product’s extraction is anything but elementary. It’s a complicated procedure that involves carefully removing all other cannabinoids, chlorophyll, fats, and terpenes found in hemp plants.

What Happens if You Take CBD Isolate?

Keep in mind that CBD may have higher potency, but that means the process also strips the CBD of its other benefits. It does not engage with the CBD’s entourage effect, which only happens to full-spectrum CBD. Products are typically seen as a white, crystalline substance that offers 99% purity, making it a healthy addition to foods, drinks, or straight under the tongue.

Recreational and medical users enjoy CBD isolate products due to its encompassing relaxing and clear-headed effects. It also travels faster to the bloodstream as the extraction process called chromatography breaks down the CBD isolate into smaller molecules.

What is the Entourage Effect in CBD?

No matter what type of CBD extract it is - from its buds to oils, creams, tinctures, or edibles - all types contain the full spectrum of therapeutic benefits from the hemp plant. The fusion of these compounds, also known as the “Entourage Effect,” provides the species with a catalog of benefits; it also makes it more potent.

To put it, while CBD is beneficial on its own, merging it with other components boosts the herb’s overall efficacy. Although CBD has no psychoactive effect, the compound can lower anxiety.

If merged with the terpene limonene, also known for its anxiolytic effects and ability to regulate serotonin and dopamine, their fusion can elevate mood and induce an uplifted mental state, which some may mistake as a subtle high or buzz.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

By definition, full-spectrum CBD means that products contain a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other phytonutrients that all work together to provide a wealth of benefits.

Because of the entourage effect, full-spectrum CBD is highly recommended as it promotes good mood, improves the quality of sleep, and more. Because of the presence of other compounds, the potency of full-spectrum CBD products may not be as high as CBD isolate.

In Conclusion

Choosing between full-spectrum or CBD isolate is not about thinking about which products are "better". Both offer their advantages. CBD isolate may promise to provide the undivided benefits of pure CBD, while full-spectrum products deliver the full experience. The choice all boils down to your preference.

Whether you are looking for full-spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate, Wellspring CBD is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

How To Use CBD Tincture

Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is a natural chemical compound from cannabis plants and is often used to promote homeostasis and regulate physiological and cognitive processes in the body. CBD helps in improving the quality of sleep, alleviating pain, reducing stress and increasing appetite.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not give users a feeling of highness. CBD is also obtained from the hemp plant which contains very little or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is what brings the high feeling.

What Is A CBD Tincture?

Most people are not only clueless about how to use CBD tincture but also absolutely have no idea what they are.
A tincture is usually made by dissolving plant or animal extracts in acidic liquids, fats or alcohols in low heat for several hours to make a highly concentrated and easy to use form. Many CBD tinctures are made by having the aerial parts of hemp soaked in a solvent in low heat for long hours, or a hemp extract is dissolved instead. This makes it very potent and its effects are more acute. CBD tinctures are considered edibles and are often infused with complimentary carrier oils to improve the taste.

How To Use CBD Tincture

There are many ways that you can use CBD tinctures. Here are tips on how to use CBD tincture:

Tincture Ingestion

This is the most popular way of how to use CBD tincture. The tincture is ingested in food and beverages. It is included in recipes for tea, soups, and smoothies. CBD tincture drops can also be infused ice cream sundaes.

The CBD tincture passes through the digestive system and is metabolized by the liver before being absorbed into the bloodstream. However, the realization of the effects of CBD is much slower as compared to sublingual usage. It is much better to add the CBD tincture to food rather than a beverage because the liquid is most likely to separate from the tincture oil. CBD specialists recommend adding a few CBD tincture drops to your morning fruit.

Sublingual Usage

There are certain products that get absorbed into the blood much faster through the tissues found under the tongue. This is referred to as sublingual usage. When CBD tincture is placed under the tongue, the user experiences a calming, soothing effect quickly and more potently than when ingested in other ways. This method is mostly preferred by users who want an easily accessible, fast way to get CBD tincture into their systems. It is also smoke-free as no combustion takes place at all.

Reports show that sublingual usage of the many ways how to use CBD tincture, sublingual usage is the best way to get a consistent dosage into your system. Oral ingestion of CBD tincture results in some of the dosage getting absorbed by the digestion system making the amount of dosage absorbed into the system to vary. Sublingual usage is, therefore, a less erratic way to take CBD tincture.

Topical Application

This is also known as dermal application. The CBD tincture is applied to the skin and absorbed into the skin cells. This method of using CBD tincture is mostly employed when it is intended to help with certain skin conditions or to relieve pain in isolated areas.

Hemp salves make for better topical applications and offer a more beneficial moisturizing effect as compared to CBD tinctures.

CBD tinctures have the same effects as other CBD oil products. However, the tinctures have a much higher concentration of CBD and should, therefore, be taken in very small servings. Tinctures are a much better option for people who are on the road or in public spaces where smoking is frowned upon. You wouldn’t need a vape pen as you don’t necessarily have to smoke. The tincture can be concealed in a small bottle and quickly applied through any of the three ways above. It comes with a much-needed versatility.

CBD Tincture Consumption Quick Hacks

Those who don’t know how to use CBD tincture can have a bad experience in the initial stages. For a beginner, it is often recommended to use CBD tinctures just before bedtime until they are sure of how the tincture works with their body.
Here are 5 quick hacks on how to seamlessly incorporate CBD tincture into your daily diet:

Factors To Consider When Using CBD Tinctures

The following four factors can help you decide how much CBD tincture to take for your daily
The level of concentration: The concentration of the CBD in the tincture matters a lot. The higher the concentration, the smaller servings you will need to take.
Body weight: If you weigh on the heavier side then you will need a higher serving of CBD tincture to be able to experience its effects as compared to a lighter person.
Intended purpose: The level of pain you are experiencing can also determine how much dosage you need. People with severe anxiety or chronic pain will need higher servings than those with milder conditions.
Tolerance to CBD: Beginners may experience the effects of the tincture even from smaller servings . As they use the product more, they develop a tolerance to it and may need to upgrade to higher servings to be able to feel its effects.

CBD tinctures are usually preferred by consumers because they have a long shelf life besides offering convenience. The dosage can also be easily adjusted as needed by simply decreasing or increasing the number of tincture drops. They are also safe to use although research is still being done on the side effects when taken in the long term, and when taken with other medication.

It is however very important to buy your CBD tincture from a shop that guarantees quality products. An experienced seller will also offer a guide on how to use CBD tincture.

How to Find the Best CBD Cream for Pain

CBD Guide: Discover the Basics of CBD, How to Take It, and Why

Cannabidiol is also known as CBD. It's extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant, and its principal purpose is for medical use.

CBD oil is helping a lot of people overcome different forms of discomfort. Its use is controversial though, as not everyone accepts it as a legitimate product. Its effectiveness can, however, not be questioned.

A CBD guide is essential to help you understand the different ways one can take and the various reasons why you should use CBD oil. View the in depth CBD Oil Buyers Guide here.

There’s a variety of CBD doses with each specifically made to tackle a unique issue in the body. It is, therefore, necessary to seek your doctor’s advice before using it.

Why You Should Use CBD

CBD has been able to help a lot of people using it. CBD may also be able to assist the body in dealing with improving your health. They range from various types of small pain to taking good care of your skin.

Listed below are some of the key reasons why you can use CBD.

1. Daily Aches and Pain

Research is still underway to make the product work better. Many people have shared they have seen signs of improvement when they used CBD consistently. One of its most significant advantages is that it doesn’t have any side effects.

2. Helps With Anxious Feelings

Being uneasy may lead to other forms of mental problems like depression and post-traumatic stress. It’s for this reason that one should always be professionally treated earlier to avoid incidences of escalation.

CBD can influence brain receptors that are associated with the mood and social behavior of a person. It has therefore provided the right avenue to relieving various modes of unease.

3. Has Beauty Benefits

CBD also offers immense help in taking good care of your skin and hair. It can either be added to other beauty products or can also be used on its own.

CBD oil contains the necessary vitamins that the body requires to enable you to have healthier skin. The most common vitamins are A, C, and E. It also contains amino acids, which are a key ingredient to you achieving healthy hair and good nails.

Application of CBD oil on your skin will also facilitate anti-aging and promotion of a fairer complexion and fine texture. A lot of companies in the beauty industry have decided to use CBD to make their products better.

How To Take CBD

As discussed earlier, it's essential to seek your doctor’s consent before using CBD. It is necessary because tests can be done to ensure you don’t have specific allergies that might react with the other medication negatively.

One has to consider the following things before deciding which method will be the most appropriate in solving their problem;

• The amount of time you’re willing to wait before the drug takes its full effect in the body.
• The body part you want the cannabidiol to help affects your choice of partaking; it might be on the skin or for pain
• How well does the method work in your body? - In some cases,
people’s bodies tend to be intolerant to tablets. Therefore, one has to find a better way.

Listed below are some of the ways you can take CBD;

1. Inhalation

Inhalation is one of the main ways people tend to use CBD. Most users prefer this method because it’s the most effective one in a short period. It reaches the bloodstream quicker. Its main demerit is that its effect in the body doesn’t last long enough.

The primary method of use is by vaporizers. The CBD is heated at a specific temperature, and you will be able to inhale it once it turns to gas.

2. Edibles

The oral way of taking CBD is another standard method. It offers the most ways that someone can take CBD as it’s available as capsules, powder, and even tinctures.

For the capsules, you have to swallow them and give it sometime before it dissolves in the body and starts working. This is because it passes through the digestive system and has to melt before it begins to be absorbed in the bloodstream.

You shouldn’t take the capsules on an empty stomach. It’s because most of it will remain on the stomach lining rather than get absorbed into the blood. You should, therefore, eat before taking your CBD.

Tinctures, on the other hand, are the CBD extracts that are put in a solvent. It offers a slower reaction time compared to capsules. However, once it gets into the bloodstream, it will have the most prolonged positive effect in your body.

3. Topical CBD Guide

They include skin lotions, creams, balms, and salves. They can only provide medicinal value once they are infused with CBD.

The chief merit of topical is that it’s directly applied to the area of need hence providing quick results. It might be on the skin or the underlying joints and muscles. Most applying oils also have other ingredients like vitamins, along with the CBD that will improve your skin's health.

The Way Forward

It’s quite clear that a CBD guide is vital in helping you come up with the best consideration map on the use of CBD.

Its usefulness is immense, and it can only be right if most governments give the green light to reach as many people as possible.

More people who are yet to experience the magic of CBD should also try it out. Please visit our shop for more information as well as purchase our quality CBD products.

Blissful Bathing: What Are CBD Bath Bombs and How Do They Work?

You come home after a stressful day of work. You decide to wind down by lighting a few candles, filling up your tub with warm water, and plopping in a bath bomb. While bath bombs are relaxing in their own right, there is something that can make them even more soothing.

CBD bath bombs allow you to bring the spa experience into your bathroom. While they can be a bit expensive, your body will thank you because they have the possibility to make your skin glow and ease pains.

If this has you interested, here is a quick guide on what they are, what’s in them, and a little more on how they can benefit you.

1. What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

If you're not familiar with bath bombs, they are little balls that you place in your bath that dissolve in the warm water. Why pay money for a ball that you're only going to use once?

There is the aesthetic; they usually dissolve into glitter and pretty colors. They also provide some aromatherapy benefits because they smell amazing. Also, you can get one for just about anything.

If you have trouble sleeping, there is a bath bomb for that. Want glowing skin? Bath bomb.

Want the benefits of CBD that you've heard so much about but think putting the oil under your tongue is gross? Bath bomb.

2. What Is in them?

Usual bath bombs are made with Epsom salts, citric acid, and baking soda. There is some form of essential oils added to produce the aromatherapeutic properties.

Sometimes the CBD oil takes the place of the essential oils in the bomb so there is no smelly good stuff. That's the only real difference between the regular bath bomb and a CBD one.

3. Benefits of Them

While bath bombs have benefits even when they don't contain CBD, you get so many more when they do. These benefits come because the ingredients found in bath bombs work so great when used with CBD.

Have a Spa at Home

CBD bath bombs can bring the spa right to your own bathroom. Light a few candles, put on your favorite calming music, draw your bathtub water, and throw in a bath bomb. After a few moments of soaking in it, the relaxing feeling will start to flood through you.

By the end of your bath, you'll go straight past a simple calm and slip into a meditative state. All the stress from the day will drip off of you to the point where you'll forget what you were even worried about.

CBD Works Well with the Epsom Salts

For years Epsom salts have been used in detoxes. Not only does it rip toxins straight out of the body but it also eases sore muscles, improves one's mood, manages one's appetite and helps with weight loss, and just improves one's health in general.

If you know much about CBD, you'll notice that many of the effects it thought to have line up with these common effects of Epsom salts. When you use both together in a bath bomb these benefits are basically doubled.

Your Skin Will Glow

When you soak in warm water, your pores open up. Your pores opening gives the Epsom salt and CBD the chance to pull out any harmful toxins from your skin causing it to have a certain glow.

On top of making your skin glow, there are a couple of other ways that CBD benefits it. It's thought to slow down the effects of aging, eczema, attack blackheads and acne, psoriasis, and reduce wrinkles.

They Soothe Body Aches

Many people use it to try and mitigate conditions such as daily pains by dripping it under their tongue or consuming it some other way. If this is true, think about what it can do when your whole body is absorbing it.

It could relieve muscle cramps and spasms, stop the pain that comes with arthritis, ease bodily tension, relieve sore muscles, and even shrink a few of those annoying bug bites that you got at the family BBQ.

Essential Oils and CBD Work Wonders Together

CBD doesn't just work well with Epsom salts. Some of the natural healing properties of the essential oils mix well with it as well. As we go through these essential oils you'll probably start to see a pattern.

No matter what your needs, it seems like there is an essential oil for it. Like the Epsom salt, a lot of their effects line up with and bounce off of CBD. These benefits could be increased by its presence.

Create Your Own Spa Day with CBD Bath Bombs

Relaxing with a bath bomb is the perfect way to treat yourself after a long day at the office. While regular ones are soothing in their own right, the presence of CBD can increase their effects.

CBD can work with the ingredients found in bath bombs to leave you with glowing skin, calm you, and ease bodily pains. Next time you're at a specialty store think back to this guide to determine if picking up CBD bath bombs could be the answer to your troubles.

Bath bombs aren't the only skin products you can get that are infused with CBD. Visit our shop to check out all our toners and creams.

Croptober 2019

Did you know...

...that naturally grown outdoor hemp is an annual plant? Every year, millions upon millions of plants are finishing their life cycle come Autumn. That includes the cannabis plant.

The 'buds' are actually female flowers that, when pollinated with a male, would produce seeds for the next generation. When grown without the intervention of pollen, the female plants are left to be able to focus on attempting to attract the pollen, which is why the plant produces sticky resin glands called trichromes, and those contain the precious cannabinoids and terpenes, like CBD and caryophyllene, that our industry works so hard at extracting for our health.

One of my favorite things about the cannabis plant is that for many genotypes, cooler temperatures draw out some amazing colors, like purple, orange, red, and yellow, in the leaves of the plant. Above is a picture of a cannabis plant whose leaves had purpled due to the drop in temperatures during September.

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Is CBD Good as a Sleeping Aid?

Your bad mood, sudden weight gain, and irregular heartbeat might all seem unrelated; until you take a look at your bed, that is.

According to Harvard, more people are getting less than six hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, our bodies depend on that sleep to recharge and prepare for a new day. A lack of sleep can do more damage to your health than just a bad mood, including:

You need to catch up on sleep before it can impact your health. With this guide, you can discover a new sleeping aid that might help. Keep reading to discover whether taking CBD as a sleeping aid is right for you!

Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the 104 cannabinoid chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, however, CBD isn't psychoactive, so it won't get you high.

Instead, CBD is used as a natural pain reliever.

Since it doesn't cause any mind-altering effects, CBD is often considered a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs or marijuana. In addition to using CBD oil for sleep, people also choose CBD for:

However, it's important to note that studies are still underway to further research CBD and its effects on the human body.

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In addition to these benefits, CBD can also help people experiencing sleep issues. According to this study, sleep scores improved in 66.7 percent of patients after one month of using CBD.

Our body's endocannabinoid system regulates many of the areas listed above. That includes our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Thankfully, CBD products can help regulate this system.

CBD interacts with the serotonin and GABA receptors in the brain. While serotonin regulates our anxiety and mood, GABA promotes relaxation and calms brain activity.

Based on this study, taking CBD as a sleeping aid can help people catch up on much-needed sleep.

Short-Term Use

It's important to note that while CBD can initially help as a sleeping aid, the effects might diminish the longer you use it. In the study mentioned above, CBD helped patients in the first month.

However, the effects faded after three months of using CBD oil for sleep.

Instead of using CBD as a daily sleeping aid, try to space out your use. This might keep your body from developing a tolerance to CBD oil and other products.

CBD might also work better for easing your anxiety than helping you drift off. However, these soothing effects can help you relax, which might help you fall asleep.

Low and Slow

When you first start using CBD as a sleeping aid, most products suggest you start low and slow.

Check the instructions on your CBD oil to determine a good dose to start. Then, slowly increase your dose as needed to find the most effective dose for you.

Everyone's body is a little different. That means the dose that works for one person might not help you get some sleep.

Don't feel the need to rush to a higher dose. By taking your time, you can find the most effective low dose to help you sleep. This can help you save money in the long run (instead of burning through your CBD oil at a high dose).

Go slow and find the best dose that helps your body relax.

Consider the Form

People use CBD in a number of forms. Whether you take tinctures, edibles such as CBD gummy bears, pills, or choose to vape CBD is up to you.

However, vaping CBD might work the fastest of these options. Since consuming edibles, pills, or oils requires your body to digest the substance, the effects can take some time. Meanwhile, vaping CBD sends the compound into your system a lot faster.

If you choose to take an edible CBD product as a sleeping aid, try to take it an hour before bedtime.

Safety First

It's also important to look for reputable and certified high-quality CBD products during your search. Since the cannabis industry remains unregulated, it's important to do your research beforehand.

Check for products that follow Good Manufacturing Practices. This will indicate that the products were manufactured in a clean environment. CBD-only products also shouldn't contain more than .3 percent THC, so make sure you check the label.

You can also check our CBD products for a Certificate of Analysis, or COA. This will let you know how much CBD or THC the product contains.

The COA tells you the product was tested for heavy metals, fungicides, and other contaminants as well.

That way, you have the reassurance that the CBD you're using as a sleeping aid is a safe, healthy product.

As a final tip, make sure you're storing your products away from sunlight.

Since cannabinoids degrade over time, it's best to store them at room temperature. This will ensure they last without temperature changes impacting the product's chemical composition.

If you're concerned about whether or not your CBD oil has degraded, make note of the product's color when you first purchase it. If the oil appears to have changed color over time, the product may have degraded.

Sweet Dreams: Your Guide to Using CBD as a Sleeping Aid

Ready to catch those z's? With this guide to using CBD as a sleeping aid, you have all the information you need. Now you can start using CBD oil for sleep and get the rest your body deserves.

That way, you can protect your body's overall health and conquer the day as your best self!

Stop by our CBD blog for the latest news, tips, and tricks to help you along your CBD journey.

Labor Day 2019 Sales Events

The first Monday of September each and every year has been dedicated as Labor Day here in the US. It was originally organized as a celebration to various labor unions' strengths and their contributions to our economy and to human rights.

It is a public and federally recognized holiday, which means that on Labor Day this year, which is September 2, we will not be delivering boxes to the post office, giving us a 3 day weekend!

This is also the unofficial end of summer, marking the last weekend for many to get out and enjoy a trip. Camping, theme parks, and the highways in between will be bustling with activity.

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Here is a list of brands that are on sale through the end Labor Day!

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How to Make DIY CBD Oil

According to the latest reports, legal cannabis is set to become a multibillion-dollar business in the coming years!

With increasing legalization and access to various forms of cannabis, it's no surprise people are curious about how to make DIY CBD.

You may know what DIY CBD oil can do, but you aren’t sure of the best way to make it. On the other hand, you might have bought tinctures or oils in the past and want to try something different.

Fortunately, making your own CBD oil at home requires little to no expertise. It can also save you time and money.

Read on for our fave DIY CBD oil tips from the pros!

Sourcing Your Ingredients

Cannabis can be used to make paper, clothing, and so on. Legalization of CBD consumption has kick started its growth as a consumable crop. It's easier than ever to use in your DIY CBD recipe!

Each variety of cannabis has a unique set of compounds. Professionals can help new buyers understand which varieties are best for your purposes.

You can choose your preferred variety based on the effects you are looking to get from it. You also want to know which cannabinoid compounds are present, such as CBD or THC.

Some varieties are high in CBD, a cannabinoid many people use topically for pain relief and other medicinal purposes. Harlequin is an ideal variety for making CBD oil, as it gives you a bigger bang for your buck.

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid that can be found in hemp flowers. If you use a flower that has THC, the cannabinoid known for getting high, you’ll want to factor that into your choice.

Preparing Your Cannabis Variety

When using a DIY CBD oil recipe, you can start with either an extract or a flower. Starting with a flower requires a few extra steps, but you also have more control over the quality of product. An extract is great if you want to skip extraction and get straight to cooking.

If using a flower, you want to pick a quality plant. Trim off buds and leaves of your desired plant and set them aside.

Decarboxylation is the first step in prepping your plant variety. You will want your trimmed-off plant parts to have active CBD compounds to allow for its intended effects.

This process is much simpler than it sounds: simply bake leaves and buds at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Check them after about forty minutes, giving them another few minutes if needed.

Voila! Your flowers are ready for CBD oil extraction!

Extracting Your DIY CBD Oil

Next, you will want to grind the hemp flower so you can mix it with oil or alcohol.

CBD binds nicely to fats and oils, so don't use water for this part of the process.

Olive oil and coconut oil are both common cooking oils, and you can find either at any grocery store. Some people mix different cooking oils together. Alcohol also works for extracting compounds without any unusual odor or taste.

Either method teaches you how to make DIY CBD oil using basic tools found in the average kitchen.

Oil Method

  1. You want to mix the ground weed with your chosen oil, commonly referred to as a carrier oil. Examples are MCT, Olive Oil, Grapeseed, etc. The goal is to completely saturate your weed. Add more oil for a less potent mix, or vice versa.
  2. Those using oil may want to infuse it for a longer period before cooking. If so, find a dark place to store your mixture and check it after about six weeks for maximum impact.
  3. Next, you want to boil your mixture. If you mixed your ingredients in a mason jar, place the jar on a towel in your pan. Controlled heat will keep the CBD from evaporating. Fill the pan with water and boil. You don't need a rolling boil. Aim for around 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Let the pot sit on heat for several hours. You want to check it every half hour or so, making sure you maintain the water level.
  5. Turn the stove off and let your mixture sit for a few hours.
  6. Turn the heat back on for another three hours and leave your mixture with the heat off overnight.
  7. Strain through a cheesecloth and squeeze to get your oil out.

Alcohol/Ethanol Method

  1. Place your buds and leaves in a glass or ceramic bowl. Soak in alcohol and stir for at least 5-6 minutes. You can remove the resin with a spoon (preferably not plastic, though).
  2. Use a mesh sieve to filter out the extract, getting out as much of it as you can. You may want to repeat steps using a bag if you aren't getting enough oil from the weed, or you can add another batch of prepped buds to soak and sieve.
  3. Pour your extracted oil into a double boiler. You want the alcohol to evaporate. You should start to see bubbles.
  4. You will want to simmer over low heat for around half an hour.
  5. You will be able to mix what's left after the alcohol has evaporated.

Rosin Press

  1. Grind your hemp flowers, and place into your preferred micron pouch, or into non-bleached parchment paper.
  2. Using a rosin press, place the pouch into the press, and apply pressure (with or without heat depending on your setup). Using a straight iron (yes, for hair), set to your desired temperature (we use around 350 - 375 F), place your parchment paper into the iron and while using hot gloves, apply pressure while squeezing the iron together.
  3. You will notice some of the resins and oils being pressed away from the flower material. Maintain pressure for 30 seconds to 90 seconds, or longer if desired.
  4. Using a dab tool or silicon scraper, collect the precious hemp extract, and place into a storage container, or directly into a carrier oil or lotion base. You are able to dab this product, or blend it into a finished product.

CO2 Extraction

  1. This process has a much higher entry cost, as CO2 extractors can be quite expensive to purchase. Once you have one, set up the extractor to the temperature, pressure, and other variable settings depending on your set up.
  2. Place biomass into extraction chamber, and safely seal the chamber.
  3. Proceed with the process according to manufacturer specs and desired extract consistency.
  4. Store your extract in a cool, dry, and dark place in airtight container.

Storing Your Final Product

How you store the product depends on your intended use. If using the oil for edibles, you don't have to worry about keeping the oil as long.

CBD sprays are great to use as toners or serums. You can add other ingredients like aloe or blue chamomile based on your personal preference.

If using topically, you want to find a storage bottle with a lid. The tighter the lid, the longer your oil keeps.

When storing for immediate use, consider the following possibilities.

Wrap Up

Using the right DIY CBD recipe can make consumption even easier. You don't want to buy such naturally-potent ingredients and then miss out on their potential benefits!

Whichever method you choose, it's good to know that you can have a quality DIY CBD oil in a few simple steps. Even beginners need little more than an attentive eye!

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How to Store CBD Oil Products

CBD oil comes as an extract and often in a carrier oil that "carries" it and gives you volume. Typical CBD carrier oils are olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and MCT oil.

The whole shebang must be considered when looking at how to store CBD oil to keep it fresh as long as possible and from going rancid. For example, olive oil has a typical shelf life of two years if stored properly in a cool, dark place and sealed container.

It depends on the oil and how much light, heat, and air exposure it's gotten since it was picked and pressed to the time it gets to you. And it depends on how much fat is in the oil.

Keeping oils away from light, heat, and the air is the magic key for all oils. But how do you do that so the CBD oil stays as fresh as possible, you ask? And what if your oil is just a CBD extract with no carrier oil?

To help, we've put together basics on how to store your CBD oil products. Keep reading for easy tips and tricks, then move your beloved products into the stay-fresh zone.

The Basics on How to Store CBD Oil

If your oil is CBD extract, you can follow this guide too. Oils are oils.

If your CBD oil is infused into an edible, then you have to take into consideration how you would store the edible. For example, if the CBD oil is in a brownie, you'll need to store the brownie like a brownie and also take into consideration the instructions on how to store the oil.

Basically, you want to store your oil in a cool, dark place like your food pantry or cupboard.

You want to have it in a sealed container, preferably a darker stained glass bottle with the lid on tight. Usually, your oil will come in such a bottle or other CBD oil product container. If not or if you're making your own oil, you can purchase these bottles and containers online.

If you store CBD oil in a sealed bottle and in a cool, dark place, the oil should last up to a year. That is if you want to store it that long. Most people use theirs before the year is up, but that's, of course, up to you.

Let's quickly look at why cool, dark, and sealed are so important.

Lower the Lights

CBD oil doesn't love the light. And it stays fresher longer in the dark.

Why? Oxidation. The light makes the oil oxidize. This means that it degrades the quality of the oil, which eventually leads to it going rancid.

This is the reason most oil is stored in dark colored bottles, usually opaque amber or blue. It helps keep the light out. Placing your oil in the pantry or cupboard is another way to do this.

Let Your CBD Oil Stay Cool

It's also a good idea to put CBD oil where it can stay cool. You can put it in the fridge but know that the oil will get harder. Just like with coconut oil in the winter if it gets cool enough in the cupboard, it solidifies.

If you put it in the fridge, just take it out a bit before use. You can also run the bottle under hot water to get your CBD oil to go back to its full-on liquid state.

You can also put your oil in the freezer. This will really solidify it, obviously. So if you do this, take it out long before use. You will need to fully defrost it.

The freezer will keep it fresh the longest but this is more for long-term storage. You don't want to keep oil in the fridge that you use regularly, as you'll just be defrosting every time you use it and there's no need for this.

We like to just put our oil in the cupboard or pantry where it's cool enough. But if you live in a really hot climate, put it in the fridge.

Keep Your CBD Oil Sealed

The less your CBD oil is exposed to air, the fresher it will stay. Read: Sealed bottle, jar, or container.

Why? Once again, it's the oxidation process. The oxygen also makes oil oxidize. Oxidation depends on how much oxygen reaches the oil, how much light it's getting, and the temperature.

It also depends on other moisture in the area as well as some metals like iron and the type of oil, but we're not going to worry about that. Just stick to the big three: cool, sealed, and dark storage.

But if you want, you can read more about what your CBD oil is actually made of.

So as long as your oil is in the bottle it came in, preferably dark amber stained or dark blue stained, you're good. The dark stain will give you a bit of leeway with the light, too.

Know How to Check Shelf Life

As mentioned, if you store CBD oil as suggested, it should last up to a year. If it's in the freezer, it can go longer.

When you purchase your oil, check for an expiration date. If it's an infusion, check the expiration of the edible.

To tell if the oil is rancid, look at the clarity of the oil and the color. As it becomes rancid, the oil becomes more foggy. It also changes color.

Once you notice that the oil is foggy and has changed color, it's time to toss it. It's passed it's expiration date and shelf life.

Keep Your CBD Oil Fresh

Now that you know the basics of how to store CBD oil and can see how simple it is, it's time to make sure your oil is sealed and move it into a cool, dark place.

Ah, so simple and so fresh!

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