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Which CBD Oil Is The Best?

Which Is The Best CBD Hemp Oil

“Which CBD Oil is Best”?  We get asked this a lot.  Unfortunately, that’s kind of like asking which is the best car?  There are several factor that go into determining which is best for you or your situation.

The Best Brands

First, let me say that we only carry the brands of products that we know to be among the Best Hemp Oil Products.  We get asked regularly to carry other brands, but we simply choose not to because we care for our customers.  From the very first day of our operation we’ve been committed to only carrying the best for our customers so no one should ever have a mediocre experience with any of the products in our store. Should you happen to not receive the benefits you were looking for, we do offer a 30 day guarantee on the products we sell.

Various factors, such as price, dosage size, form of product (gel, drops, etc) come into play when deciding which is best.  But, most importantly is your own body and its chemistry.  We are all different.  Now, the greatest thing we’ve learned is that as long as you are using a high quality product like what you find in our store, the decision as to what’s best comes down to which form you prefer and what dose to take it in.

Most Liked Forms of CBD Oil

As for the form, universally, people like the drops.  Home or work or car or anywhere, they are easy to take.  Hemp Oil Drops get placed under the tongue and are to be swallowed after being held there for 90 seconds or so.

A close second for the most sold product are the capsules. Hemp CBD Capsules are great for precision serving sizes at a set amount. Ideal for those who know exactly how much to take each and every time.

The third most popular form of Hemp CBD Oil we sell are CBD concentrates.  There’s no denying the vaping craze.  But, those who prefer to vape their CBD often do so because of its very quick effect.  Usually, seconds to minutes is all it takes to begin feeling the effects of CBD Oil that has been vaped.

Finally, the Hemp Extract Gels or Pastes are also quite popular because they allow people to get fairly high concentrations of CBD into their body.  CBD Oil gel or paste is not as easy to travel with as it can melt and its fairly gooey to take.  So, unless you are in your kitchen or bathroom, it can take a little effort.  So, taking it at work or other places is not often done.

Those are the forms that most people feel are the best.  As for dosages, it truly depends on your condition and your body.  Fortunately, it doesn’t seem that there is such a thing as “too much” for most people. If one happens to take more than is necessary, there is not usually any ill side effects.  Generally, people start with what’s recommended on the Product Package and then go up or down from there.  Alternatively, people use the chart found on this page (Click Here) as a starting point, then go up or down from there.

Highest Quality

Again, keep in mind that all the products in our store are of the best quality available.  But, there is one difference in some of the products we carry which can be pointed out.  Many products we carry have extracted the CBD from Hemp through a SuperCritical CO2 extraction process.  Without getting into the technical nitty gritty of this, what this means to  you is that the extract is a “full body” extract which provides undamaged CBD along with CBC, CBG and CBN and many other beneficial components.  These products are slightly more expensive because this extraction process is more costly.  But, the benefits to our bodies seems to be worth it.  All the products state if they contain CBD extracted by this process on their product page.

In summary, shop with us knowing all products are exceptionally high quality CBD Oil Products.  Choose which form you feel is the best for you.  Then, work out the dosage.  This will help you achieve the greatest benefits from your CBD Oil.  And, as always, we’re here to help…..check out our FAQ page with any of your questions, or contact us and one of our knowledgeable staff will get back to you very soon.