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THC CBD Which Better Boosting Sexual Health

THC or CBD? Which Is Better for Boosting Sexual Health?

If you ask CBD advocates, CBD is good for just about everything including sex. But which is better for your sexual health - THC or CBD? Find out here!

Having a few issues in the bedroom? Not everyone is secure in themselves in all aspects of life, and our intimate lives is no exception.

Cannabis and hemp just might be the answer to your needs. It can increase sexual health by making the process better for both you and your partner. It will relax you, reduce pain, make you more confident, and may even do away with erectile dysfunction.

Both THC and CBD have the ability to do these things for us at different levels, so you have to decide which one is the best. It might be a little difficult to decide, so here are a few things about what both do, their different effects, and how one may be better than the other for your situation.

1. Cannabinoids Can Relax You

Many people in America have some form of anxiety, which doesn’t exist only in the bedroom. Anxiety is infamous for affecting your sex drive and performance, and this may put a bit of a strain on your relationship.

A therapist can help you through this, but if you are looking to get over it quickly, or you can’t afford a doctor’s fees, cannabidnoids like THC or CBD can be a cost effective alternative.

2. You’ll be More Confident

Large amounts of anxiety can also put a damper on your confidence. However, CBD oil can help you feel more excited about sex. It can help to lower your inhibitions and cause you to actually act when you normally would be hesitant. By helping to create new neural pathways, your new found confidence is more likely to stick as a part of your behavior.

When you’re more excited then you will give off an aura of confidence. This confidence will help you enjoy yourself more with your partner, which will make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.

3. You’ll Feel Less Pain

There are many cases where women feel large amounts of pain during sex. One of the reasons for this is menopause. It’ll cause some uncomfortable and unwanted friction due to dryness.

The oil can increase blood flow which also heightens lubrication and cuts down on pain. Also, when you’re able to relax, that can decrease the pain in itself.

THC and CBD can help those with chronic pain, so it can help with your sexual health as well.

4. It Can Do Away With Erectile Dysfunction

CBD and THC fight the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction. They flush dioxins and kick your hormone production into high gear, as well as give your endocannabinoid system (ECS) a boost. The ECS plays a major role in our reproductive system, possibly playing roles in spermatogenesis.

5. It Enhances the Experience

Couples who use cannabis products can actually increase the intensity of feelings in the bedroom. You may even experience more orgasms than ever.

Not only will you have more, they’ll be even more intense, last a lot longer, and it will also lead to longer endurance. This will allow you to drop your guard and have more fun.

6. Why Not Viagra

Viagra has side effects that THC and CBD don’t have. You could get a headache, suffer insomnia, and might experience some pain. If you use CBD and THC, those are side effects that you won’t have to worry about it.

CBD and THC also push you along in a much more natural way, while Viagra just makes the penis erect without any actual arousal through manipulation of the blood vessels. And with Viagra, you have the possibility of suffering the agony of a four-hour erection, after which it is recommended that one contact an emergency physician for draining. That’s not exactly healthy for your body, or your mind.

7. Why Is CBD Better

Both CBD and THC have their benefits but CBD doesn’t have as many psychoactive properties. THC can sometimes cause more harm to your sexual health than good.

THC affects women a little differently. It will trigger a few withdraw symptoms and may even cause some short term memory loss. Too much can cause less interest in sex than more. Depending on how much you have, if you’re a woman you might not have as much fun. Though each person is different.

Sometimes with men, THC will give you a huge boost to your libido in the beginning and then, you’ll start to lose interest after a bit as your body adjusts to the presence of the cannabinoid, and also adjusts glucose levels in your system.

THC also has a few side effects that CBD doesn’t. THC can make you feel anxious or antsy which is the opposite of what you want in bed. If you’re really sensitive to THC you might want to get a product that’s free of it.

8. Why is THC Better

THC can make all the feelings that you experience way more intense than CBD can due to it’s psychoactive effects. It can also do a better job of loosening up your mind.

THC can make your body more sensitive while also easing stress, putting an end to erectile dysfunctions, and basically do some things that CBD can.

Out of the two, it does seem like THC has way more side effects that can be perceived by some as negative. You get to judge if the heightening experience of THC is worth it. If you aren’t sure how sensitive you are to it, there is no harm to giving it a try.

What’s the Verdict THC or CBD

Deciding between THC or CBD is tough, as both are great choices. It all depends on how sensitive you are to THC.

If you don’t react to it well, it can cause more anxiety in the bedroom which is what you’re trying to avoid. CBD and THC can help you lower your inhibitions and let yourself actually have fun and enjoy your time with your partner. Bring passion back into your bedroom!

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