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Earth Science Tech CBD Oil Added to our Product Line

We are very proud to announce that we have added Earth Science Tech CBD Oil to our Online Store. It didn’t take very long to decide to add their products because of their exceptional quality and price for our customers, along with the company’s commitment to developing the CBD Hemp Oil Market.

Earth Science Tech is the only CBD Oil Manufacturer we know of who is doing more than just testing and analyzing their own products for purity. They are also having clinical trials and laboratory tests conducted to provide hard data about the effects of CBD Oil on various ailments. The test results are quite clear and quite supportive of the positive effects CBD oil has on our various conditions. In fact, after their latest test conducted in labs at the University of Oklahoma, the test results allowed them to get a patent on one of their CBD oil products.

Additionally, their products are ultra high concentrations of CBD. As such, the price per milligram of CBD in their products are some of the lowest we’ve seen. In fact, 17-19 cents per milligram is typical with their products, while most manufacturers are upwards of 30+ cents.

We herald Earth Science Tech for doing more than “just selling products”. They are truly to be commended for their efforts in advancing this industry.

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