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hemp cbd vs cannabis cbd | www.wellspringcbd.com

Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD: What’s the Difference?

If you're interested in using CBD for your health, then you should know what options you have. Here's a breakdown of hemp CBD vs cannabis CBD.

Are you considering alternative methods of pain relief?

Then you may have come across cannabidiol (CBD) oil already. However, you probably also noticed that there is hemp-derived CBD oil and cannabis-derived CBD oil.

So, what’s the difference between hemp CBD and cannabis (marijuana) CBD?

The main difference is in the plants the oil is extracted from.

However, other than the origin there honestly isn’t much of a difference between the two types of CBD. The only other issue is the legality of hemp CBD vs cannabis CBD.

If you’re considering CBD, then we’ll tell you everything you need to know including the legal issues and more minor details.


In the simplest terms, cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid.

What’s a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. In other words, CBD is one of over a hundred chemical compounds extracted from cannabis plants.

Do you know what else is a cannabinoid? Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

If you’ve ever had marijuana before, then you may know that THC is the compound that gives you that ‘high’ marijuana is known for.

Knowing that THC and CBD are both cannabinoids is important because as we mentioned earlier, cannabinoids are found in cannabis plants.

Both hemp and cannabis come from the same plant species, Cannabis sativa.

Which means, both hemp and cannabis produce CBD and THC.

The Cannabis sativa species is known for producing less THC and more CBD, making it ideal for CBD oil. In comparison, Cannabis indica – which produces more THC and less CBD – is used more often for medical marijuana.

Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD

The differences between cannabis CBD and hemp CBD come down to their origins and availability.

Cannabis CBD Oil

As it is commonly known, cannabis (or marijuana) is often used as a recreational drug to induce euphoria or a high.

The euphoric feeling comes from the THC in the cannabis, and most plant strains of cannabis have high levels of THC with lower levels of CBD.

Through cross-breeding, there are a number of cannabis strains that have higher CBD levels and lower THC levels. These particular plant strains are the ones most often used for CBD oil.

For example, a cannabis plant strain with low THC and high CBD was named Charlotte’s Web after a young girl named Charlotte Figi who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, who unfortunately passed away recently.

Cannabis-derived CBD oil often has several other cannabinoids in it alongside the CBD and trace amounts of THC.

Many people see the presence of THC and other cannabinoids as beneficial in CBD oil because of what is known as the entourage effect.

The theory behind the entourage effect is that one cannabinoid alone is not as effective as several cannabinoids working together. It is believed that different cannabinoids enhance the effects of one another.

Another compound believed to enhance the effects of CBD in cannabis CBD oil is terpenes, which is another compound found largely in cannabis.

The downside to cannabis CBD is that it isn’t legal in all 50 states. Since it is derived from cannabis, the CBD oil shares the same legal status and only a few states have legalized cannabis.

Even if you wanted to physically compare the differences between hemp CBD oil and cannabis CBD oil, you might not be able to depend on the state you live in.

However, if you do live in a state where cannabis is legal, then you have the added benefit of cannabis-derived CBD oil being strictly regulated and tested for quality.

Hemp CBD Oil

Hemp is the other origin for CBD oil, and hemp-derived CBD oil is beginning to rise in the market.


Unlike cannabis, hemp is legal in all 50 states because it has 0.03% THC levels or less. Most hemp strains naturally have low THC levels and high CBD levels. Remember, THC is the compound that gives cannabis its ‘high’ factor.

Since the levels of THC are so low in hemp plants, it’s near impossible to become high from taking any hemp products, and CBD doesn’t produce a ‘high’ at all.

The reason why hemp CBD oil isn’t as commonly used is mostly due to the fact that cannabis CBD oil is more widely known and popular.

Another reason why hemp CBD isn’t as popular as cannabis CBD is the production cost.

Hemp actually has lower levels of cannabinoids and CBD than cannabis does. The lower levels mean that it takes more hemp to produce the same amount of CBD oil that cannabis produces.

There are also some health concerns when it comes to hemp CBD oil.

Not all companies that produce hemp CBD are truthful about what goes into their products or how they grow their hemp.

Both hemp and cannabis plants are bio-accumulators, which is just a fancy word that means they suck up everything that comes into contact with them, including harmful insecticides and other toxins, which is why we only select brands with a proven track record of growing as cleanly and as organically as possible.

Hemp CBD is classified as a dietary supplement by the FDA and isn’t as strictly regulated as cannabis. Since hemp isn’t regulated, it’s extremely important to find a trustworthy company that clearly marks their products with accurate labels and tests for contaminants in their products.

Common Forms of CBD

CBD oil products can come in various forms. Each type will also have a different concentration of CBD oil, as well.

Here are some CBD products you might find:

  • Pure CBD Oils – A lot of companies will sell CBD oil as is for consumers to purchase. These will tend to come in vials or tubes and usually contain 100 mg or more.
  • CBD Capsules – Other forms of CBD are capsules for easier swallowing. Capsules tend to vary in concentration but are often around 25 mg or more. If you’re already in the habit of taking multivitamins, then you may want to consider these.
  • CBD Tinctures or Drops – Another form of CBD oil is as a tincture. Tinctures will often come in small bottles with droppers and a diluted with alcohol or other oils. These can also be flavored for better taste.
  • CBD Topical Creams – Topical creams are meant for external use only. They have the CBD oil in the cream to use on specific problem areas. These are mostly used for pain relief in joints or muscles.

Choose What Works for You

While the difference between hemp CBD vs cannabis CBD is negligible for most people, the choice is up to you.

And whatever state you live in.

If you have any questions or want to know more, then contact us or take a look at our store’s products we have to offer.

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