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Will Hemp CBD Oil Get You High?

Does CBD oil get you high? The answer is NO. Click here to learn how it works with your body's own cannabinoid receptors to benefit your health.
Jason L is a 1st time father to a bouncing baby boy, and long time cannabis enthusiast.

Written By Jason L

On May 17, 2018

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You have likely heard it from your friends, and may have wondered yourself, “That’s cool that it does that and all….but will CBD oil get you high?”

The short and simple answer to this is no, CBD oil does not get you high. It’s not psychoactive and it doesn’t alter or affect your behavior, thoughts, or mind in a negative manner.

So, if it doesn’t get you high, what does CBD oil do? Learn more here.

What Exactly is CBD Oil?

Before jumping into the effects of CBD oil and explaining why the answer to “Will CBD get you high?” is no, you need to know what CBD oil is.

Cannabidiol oil, also called hemp CBD oil, as well as simply CBD, is a naturally occurring plant compound called a cannabinoid that’s extracted from hemp plant stalks and flowers.

Thanks to the use of a variety of highly specialized extraction processes, highly concentrated CBD oil that’s full of various nutritious materials is acquired. Some of the substances included are amino acids, chlorophyll, phytosterols, vitamins, terpenes, and omega-3/6/9 fatty acids.

Today, CBD oil is used as an alternative medicine and a nutritional supplement. Today, there are now dozens of hemp CBD oil products, as well as CBD oil infused body and skin care products that can be used topically.

The Effects of CBD Oil

While you may know the answer to “Will CBD get me high?” is no, you may also wonder – what can it do and how will it affect you?

CBD oil doesn’t create the traditional “high” you feel when vaping, ingesting or smoking cannabis that contains high levels of THC. The THC is what results in the stoned, hazy, euphoric and sometimes mind-altering thoughts or feelings that are commonly associated with delta-9 THC, one of the most .

None of this applies to CBD oil usage.

There are some who take or ingest CBD oil as a medicinal alternative or nutritional supplement and who claim they feel an increased sense of relaxation after taking it. Others refer to it as a “light” sensation.

The scientific and biological reason that THC creates a “high” feeling and CBD oil does not, can be discovered by learning more about the endocannabinoid system.

Understanding Cannabinoid Receptors

The endocannabinoid system is often described as a “lock and key” system. When paired, these locks and keys are the foundation of the scientific community’s curiosity regarding this plant’s potential.

Just like the receptors that interact with your endorphins and hormones, cannabinoids interact with unique receptors, too. These work together with the terpenes to balance your body.

Your body consists of two primary cannabinoid receptors. The CB1 receptors are mainly in your central nervous system and responsible for controlling nausea, appetite, immune system balance, anxiety, and stress.

The effect of THC on the brain is well known. When the CB1 receptors bind to the THC, the resulting effect caused by this molecule produces the “high” feeling.

The CB2 receptors are primarily in the immune system. These are believed to be beneficial in reducing inflammation and helping to heal damaged tissues.

CB2 is the receptor for CBD that causes healing and promotes homeostasis – internal body balance.

Because CBD oil contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and can increase levels of serotonin, scientists state it can result in pain or anxiety reduction.

This is often described as a feeling of relief or relaxation. However, when it comes to the question, “Will CBD get you high?” the answer is definitely “no!”

Remember – Everyone is Different

No one has an endocannabinoid system that’s exactly the same. Everyone is different. This is an important factor when you are considering using CBD oil.


During the day, your ECS balance will shift and adjust to remain in tune with the rest of your body.

Based on your body chemistry and your existing endocannabinoid levels, CBD oil will affect you differently. That’s why many recommend that you keep a record of your intake and schedule.

You know your body best, and when you begin taking CBD oil you need to listen to it. This will help you find an amount that is “just right” for you.

The Bottom Line About the Question “Will CBD Oil Get You High?”

While the short answer to the question “Does CBD oil get you high?” is no, there still aren’t enough human students to convince the government that it offers real medical benefits and minimal risk.

Because there’s such a large amount of money spent annually on pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S., there are many who wonder if enough evidence will ever be gathered to support the use of this substance.

If you make the decision to eschew prescription drugs and opt for CBD, start slow. Begin by taking small amounts to see how you react.

If you find relief from your symptoms, and no side effects, then you’ll know that CBD is a good option for you.

Regardless of what may happen, if you take CBD oil that’s high in CBD with low THC, you won’t get high!

If you want to know more about how CBD oil supports body and brain functionality, visit our website. You can also find CBD oil available online, and get free shipping by ordering from us.

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