In exploring the question: does cbd oil get you high, we need to make a huge determination here. CBD is one compound of cannabis. Cannabis can be either marijuana or hemp. Either plant can have varying degrees of THC, but hemp, unless its a specialty strain, has such a low quantity of THC, that no one I’ve ever met can tell that any THC is present when ingesting, smoking or vaping any hemp product.

This is key.

An oil with CBD in it, by itself cannot get you high. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is merely one of the cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp. Some others are CBC, CBG, THC, THCA and there are others. And, CBD is not what gets someone ‘high’. THC is the pyschotropic compound in cannabis plants that causes a ‘high’ or an euphoric effect.

So, the real answer to “Does CBD Oil Get You High?” is, it depends on whether there is any noticeable amount of THC in the oil.

To be more clear, at WellSpring CBD, we sell ONLY CBD products that have CBD extracted from hemp. And, the hemp that is used in all the products we carry has just a trace of THC, not enough to cause any ‘high’. So, using any of these products will not cause one to get high.

Conversely, one can get CBD Oil that is extracted from marijuana that will most likely have a higher level of THC. And, unless the CBD Oil is from a specialty strain, the level of THC is most likely going to be high enough to cause someone to get ‘high’, assuming enough is used. Even the very popular Charlotte’s Web strain of marijuana, which is known to be very high in CBD, relative to other strains of marijuana, has more CBD than your average hemp strain.

Most people seeking CBD Oil are wanting CBD Oil extracted from hemp. Either these people do not want to walk around ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ all day trying to go through life, or they live in an area where THC and marijuana products are not legal. This is the exact reason why we got into selling CBD Hemp Oil products. We want the benefits of CBD Oil, but one of our business partners lives in Texas, where marijuana is not legal. And, the other business partner, while living in Washington State where marijuana is legal, he does not want to go through his day being ‘high’. He wants the benefits of CBD, but not the psychotropic effects of being ‘high’ on THC. When we found out how well these products work for both of us, without any real side effects, we knew we had to get these products out to more people.

Let’s face it, while some people enjoy being ‘high’ occasionally, most of us do not want to walk around in this state all day long. CBD Oil from hemp allows people to receive the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) without being ‘high’. By searching elsewhere on our website, you can find the many reported benefits of CBD and you can buy cbd oil in various types and of various brands. We hope you find the CBD information you seek!

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