Organic Top Shelf Hemp Flower – Wellspring CBD’s Wellness Sacks


  • 3.5 grams of organically grown US hemp
  • High terpene content – Great Smell!
  • Maintained with Boveda 2-way humidity control packs
  • Best quality CBD hemp flower available
  • Quickly and discreetly shipped to your door for FREE


Organic Top Shelf Hemp Flower – Wellspring CBD’s Wellness Sacks – 3.5 grams

Best Hemp Buds OnlineWe here at have searched high and low for the highest quality organic top shelf hemp flower available. This search has taken countless hours scouring and lots of resources in sampling and traveling to various locations, and we would not settle for anything like what everybody else has. Thankfully, we were fruitful in our quest, and are please to bring you premium hemp CBD buds for your enjoyment.

“What sets these flowers apart from the rest?” you may find yourself asking. We have partnered with a fantastic group of farmers who grow their hemp in the way nature intended. Organic. Biodynamic. The ample love and care given shows in the end product that you will be receiving.

Many other brands are simply selling hemp biomass broken down into bags. The problem with this is that most of the biomass out there has not been cared from from seed to sale. Their plants are roughly handled. They are left out in the field to dry, baking in the damaging sun rays after harvest. This causes them to lose additional valuable medicinal qualities of the plant’s natural terpene profile with each minute of exposure.

Our premium hemp flower is grown with the utmost care. It is harvested by hand and brought into controlled facilities that manage temperature, humidity, and light. This expertise in the drying and curing process is what makes our Wellness Sacks so ‘loud’! For those who are not familiar with cannabis lingo, ‘loud’ means that the aroma of the flower is very present and pungent. And we are fortunate to have loud packs of hemp flower.

The tops of the plants are then manicured by hand, minimizing the amount of leaf material on the flowers. This is important because leaves burn at higher temperatures, and this can hinder the flavor along with your experience. While we do aim for perfection, we are all human, and may be some leaves present.

After further curing, the flowers are quickly vacuum sealed with cannabis-specific Boveda moisture packs included. This ensures that the terpenes and cannabinoid levels are maintained at their peak for your enjoyment. This is the stage where we obtain the hemp flowers and continue the process of minimal exposure to the elements. In each sealed Wellness Sack, you will find a Boveda pack that is used to maintain the aromatic potency and ideal moisture content for a clean and great tasting product.

  • Organically Grown in the US
  • After harvest care during dry, cure, and trim
  • Optimum freshness guaranteed with Boveda packs in every CBD sack


Organically Grown Hemp Flower


Consume 1/4 to 1/2 gram via your preferred method of consumption per day, or as directed by a physician

Test Results

Acid Rock CoA
Apple Cobbler CoA
Aroma Funk CoA
CBD Diesel CoA
Fruity Pebbles COA
Kush Hemp CoA
La Crema CBG CoA
Purple Urkle CoA

Organic Top Shelf Hemp Flower – Wellspring CBD’s Wellness Sacks

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organic top shelf hemp flower
Organic Top Shelf Hemp Flower – Wellspring CBD’s Wellness Sacks



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