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Hemplucid LogoWith Hemplucid CBD products, you not only can see a difference, you will FEEL a difference. Hemplucid CBD believes that cannabinoids, like CBD, CBD, CBG, among dozens of others, work in conjunction with each other. This is precisely why our products are made with full spectrum extracts that contain all of the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant.

Our products are dewaxed, allowing for maximum bioavailability because we want you to absorb as much of the good stuff without any unnecessary byproducts.

Due to the nano particle size CBD clusters quickly and completely absorbs into the blood stream for an immediate response.

Hemplucid CBD’s specialized CO2 extraction leaves a 55-60% golden amber CBD concentrate that can clearly be seen through our clear bottles.

We are simple with our ingredients. We have no use or need for anything artificial. Giving you what nature intended.

Multi-step bonding, bonds our CBD to organic vegetable glycerin accentuating the natural smell and taste of our products.

Hemplucid CBD is comprised of a small tight knit group of individuals who discovered the power of CBD a few years ago. We believe that CBD is a key to helping people who suffer from a broad range of diseases. Having this belief we are passionate about the quality of Hemplucid. Our hemp source has some of the best genetics we have found and we don’t cover that purity in a dark bottle.

The word ‘Hemplucid’ portrays our promise to provide not only the cleanest hemp product but give you a lucid understanding of what hemp can truly do for you. We don’t want anything keeping you from living the lucid dream.