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When our founders created the first “CBD pipeline”, a way to make CBD and other cannabinoids available legally throughout the United States and much of the world by deriving them from hemp, HempMeds® was launched to do just that — fulfill our responsibility to get cannabinoids to as many people as possible.

We’ve spoken to millions of people throughout the States, and on every continent, who are looking for CBD and cannabinoids. Many are facing difficult challenges, and many have run out of other options.

We understand we have a responsibility to be a resource that you can trust, so we’ve built our company to be exactly that:
Your Trusted CBD Source.

Trust Comes from Communication

That’s why you can call us and get your questions answered by a real person — in fact, you’ll be on a first name basis. You’ll always have the same specialist responsible for your account, who you can always check in with.

We’ll make sure you’re satisfied, see how things are going, and make sure you have the support and education you need.

Trust in a Product Comes from Quality and Consistency.

Before 2012, nothing like our CBD hemp oil existed on the market, so we set the criteria that have become standard in the industry today.

All our products come from sustainable hemp that is Non-GMO, and cultivated without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Our hemp oil is extracted from the plant without using harsh solvents, and all our products are made with natural ingredients. We also put every batch of our products through our Triple Lab Testing™ process, verifying quality, cannabinoid content, and freedom from any contaminants at 3 different points of the manufacturing process.

Trust Comes from Commitment to A Cause

ECHO is an independent, nonprofit and charitable organization. For those facing extenuating circumstances, ECHO proudly supplies cannabinoid education and open-ended collaboration opportunities between doctors and patients. Contributions make our work possible. Each generous donation, however small, directly helps a child with a debilitating condition get much-needed access to CBD, or financially supports a family in need. Help us bring hope to a family today. ECHO means Education, Collaboration, and Hope.

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