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fulvic acid for cannabis

Fulvic Acid For Cannabis – What You Need To Know

Fulvic acid is a popular growth enhancer for cannabis known to infuse the water with trace minerals, macro minerals, amino and organic acids and phytochemicals. Many grower tests have shown positive results and many online sources have additional research on its effects.

But What Is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is an important natural chemical compound, produced as a result of the decomposition of organic matter and minerals. It is much smaller than humic acids, with a general molecular weight of less than 500, and has a light brown color. Like humic acid, fulvic acid is an umbrella term for two different compounds: mineral-bound fulvates and free-form fulvic acids consisting mostly of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Unlike humic acids which have difficulty in dissolving in water at certain pH ranges, fulvic acids are more readily soluble in water at all pH ranges.The significance of fulvic acid lies in its ability to increase plant nutrient uptake due to their small size and also because they can easily bind to minerals and other nutrients which make them more accessible for absorption by plants. Aside from this main benefit, it can also be beneficial for other purposes such as improving soil structure or reducing soil erosion. Overall, it’s a highly valuable natural product that continues to prove its worth when properly utilized due to its significant capabilities when it comes to improving plant growth.

Fulvic Acid For Cannabis Benefits

Fulvic acid is a highly soluble organic compound that is incredibly beneficial to horticulture and plant health. It is found in most soil ecosystems, where it plays an important part in providing necessary macro- and micronutrients to plants. Unlike other compounds, it works as an “all-natural” chelator by bonding with potentially difficult nutrient molecules and making them accessible for easier absorption into the plant’s cell walls. This chelating effect is due to its low molecular weight, which allows broader access into a plant’s tissue than larger molecules would.

For every gardener or agriculturist who uses it, fulvic acid can be a powerful tool for accelerated growth and stronger yields overall. Not only does it make it easier for plants to obtain nutritionally balanced diets of macro- and micronutrient molecules, but it also helps prevent runoff and downstream contamination since the compounds are readily absorbed instead of flowing away with water runoff. Therefore, its use can help provide strong healthy growth while preserving natural flora all around the environment.

Fulvic acids can help improve nutrient uptake for your cannabis plants, increasing their ability to properly absorb the nutrients needed for growth. This absorption is made possible due to the chelating action of these acids which binds with various cations in the soil and releases them into plant roots. Moreover, they are helpful in regulating water retention and drainage in the soil, providing enough moisture while also ensuring there isn’t too much water runoff.

Furthermore, fulvic acids also helps buffer against nutrients becoming locked up or leaching away due to over watering or lack of drainage by increasing the cation exchange capacity of your soil. They also promote a healthy ecology within your mediums by virtue of supporting microbial activity essential for strong plants. Lastly, they help eliminate potential sicknesses caused by plant toxins present within contaminated soils, decreasing the uptake levels of these dangerous substances into your crops. All-in-all fulvic acids provide many useful qualities beneficial to cannabis growers looking to get optimal yields from their plantations.

Fulvic acid has a beneficial effect on plant drought tolerance. It does so by improving the permeability of cellular walls, allowing for plants to intake more water. This helps them stay hydrated for longer periods of time, leading to monetary and resource savings. Lastly, it provides for happier plants.

Additionally, fulvic acid is known to have numerous functions, including acting as a natural immunity booster for plants. By providing plants with minerals and trace elements, it has been found to help enhance their resistance to issues such as disease, mold, fungi and pests.

How To Use Fulvic Acid For Plants

Humic substances like fulvic acid can be used by cannabis cultivators in numerous ways. Adding them to the usual watering and nutrient regimen is an easy and effective method to help improve root health, promote vigorous growth and enhance yields. Dry, powdered forms of humic acid can also be added directly to soil to boost its fertility while providing essential micronutrients.

For easier application, humic acid can be purchased as a liquid solution or powder that is diluted using water. Making a foliar spray out of this dilution is equally simple; liberally applying it to the leaves of plants during their vegetative state helps optimize nutrient availability, allowing for healthier photosynthesis, improved flavor and boosted yields. Furthermore, applying the spray on both sides of the leaves ensures maximum penetration for even better results.

Fulvic acid can be applied to foliage and observed to enable photosynthesis in conditions of lessened sunlight, thus enabling its use to revive green areas that receive insufficient light. The mechanism for this is not fully understood.

Can Fulvic Acid Benefit Humans?

Absolutely fulvic acid supplementation can benefit people. And those benefits are quite similar to those that plants receive.

A brief list of benefits for humans:

  • enhances nutrient absorption
  • eases nutrient transportation
  • catalyzes enzyme reactivity
  • transmutes minerals
  • better hydration
  • improved brain function

And there are many more human benefits that you can read about at humful.com

Sourcing Your Fulvic Acid

There are many options for you to find fulvic acid for your cannabis plants.

It helps plants absorb nutrients faster, encourage microbial life, and can make the soil more resilient against drought or other extreme weather conditions. Sources of these products range from garden stores to online retailers. If you’re uncertain about what kind of product to select, it’s best to visit a local garden store in person for advice on which type is best for your particular needs. Staff members at these stores usually have the expertise to advise you correctly, as well as give you the proper dosage for optimal results.

Although humic substances like fulvic acid are water soluble and break down easily into their component minerals and organic compounds, it’s important to remember that some products come with concentrated amounts of humic and fulvic acids, so overdosing your plants should be avoided.

Try to find a product that allows frequent applications in smaller amounts when possible and always refer to the individual product’s dosage instructions before use. With careful application and adequate monitoring, it can greatly enrich soils and enrich plant growth when used correctly.

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