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Realign Broadband CBD Drops



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With ReAlign, we are excited about making the world a healthier place with all-natural hemp alternatives, one hemp drop at a time.

Rebalance with ReAlign

The Folks from Realign are passionate about the industrial hemp plant, it’s potentially numerous health benefits and endless possibilities when combined with other powerful and restorative herbs and botanicals.

About ReAlign CBD

Their hemp is sourced from the only the most reliable, environmentally friendly, responsible and passionate hemp farmers. Using only organic growing practices, each of their batches of industrial hemp and those products containing blends of the industrial hemp plant and other powerful, natural herbs and botanicals are all third-party tested and come with a Certificates of Authenticity (COA). We test for mold, mildew and heavy metals at harvest and again at the finished product to ensure you and your family the most natural, safe and reliable products on the market.

How Their Extracts Are Made

Utilizing a food-grade alcohol extraction, our practice consists of Kosher 190 proof alcohol to ensure the extraction process maintains the highest entourage effect possible. This method protects and maintains a higher level of terpenes in the finished product, thus facilitating the ability of cannabinoids to pass through into the bloodstream easier.

ReAlign‘s herbal remedies are some of the only on the market to combine full-spectrum industrial hemp with it’s natural hemp oils from the plant for a more powerful synergistic and restorative effect. Hemp oil is one of the most nutritious and healing oils on the planet, containing two exceptionally rich essential fatty acids, linoleic (Omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3).

Who Is ReAlign?

About Ashley McWhirter, PTA, MSOT

Ashley McWhirter has both an Associate’s degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant and a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. Graduating with her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, she holds a combined therapy skill set of 18 plus years. Working as both a Physical Therapist Assistant and an Occupational Therapist, she has experienced individuals of all ages with both gross and fine motor limitations, cognitive deficits, acute and chronic pain and has a certification in specialized seating and positioning with rehabilitation needs. Although, most of her background is in geriatrics, she has experience in all ages from birth on. Throughout the wide range of individuals she has cared for, each category of clients share in their common complaints of pain and/or discomfort while yearning for a higher functioning quality of life. She has seen, first hand, the need for a therapeutic agent that can offer natural pain relief and reduced inflammation without the negative, debilitating side effects of decreased cognition and balance that are all too often accompanied by and associated with pharmaceutical medications.

​With an active lifestyle, Ashley, endured the normal aches and pains that come with muscle recovery, strains and inflammation. Taking part in high intensity physical activity such as, CrossFit and running, she was always searching for a more natural, healthier way to recover. Sustaining a non-displaced fracture of her right greater tuberosity in 2016, provided her a true understanding of the pain that accompanies an acute injury. Since then, her interest has been focused on understanding how CBD can bring natural relief and decreased recovery times for both muscle and bone in order to provide accurate information and proper education for athletes and clients healing after an injury.

Jose Sosa, PA-C, MBA

Jose Sosa, PA-C, MBA is the president and CEO of JAS Enterprise, LLC, the parent company of several businesses including: healthcare staffing services, hospital surgical sales, and DME (durable medical equipment) supply. With over 20 years of practice, as a healthcare clinician specializing in cardiovascular surgery and hospital management, Jose is a graduate of Florida State University, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences in 1996, graduating from University of Florida with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies in 1998 and later obtaining his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Purdue University in 2014. With continued services in cardiovascular surgery and hospital management, he has been able to successfully merge the ideas of both compassionate care and a sustainable business. Realizing the needs and wants for a more holistic healthcare approach from his patients, Jose has begun his next venture in the exploding industry of CBD.

Jose currently resides in Madison, Mississippi with his loving wife and their six children. With multiple successful businesses and the non-stop demands of a rapidly growing family, Jose has seen the benefits of CBD (Broadband due to current laws) for himself. Helping to reduce his stress levels, at work and home, enhanced sleep and overall reduction in mental fatigue, Jose has done an extensive exploration in the Cannabis industry. As an experienced healthcare practitioner, Jose understands the immense importance of whole plant extraction and the positive influence and benefits of the industrial hemp plant.

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