Yocan Evolve Plus Dab Pen

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Add A Gram of Dab, or Two?

The Yocan Evolve Plus features a dual quartz coil design for clean and healthy vaping, a coil cap to prevent leaking, and a built in silicon dab container to store your CBD concentrates while you are on the go.

$59.95 $39.95

Add A Gram of Dab, or Two?

Product Description

Yocan Evolve Plus – Best Dab Pen

You are going to fall in love with Yocan Evolve Plus! It’s perfect for you when you want to have a CBD dab pen on the go, or to have near you in your home should you need a fast serving of CBD.

No more unsatisfactory nor burnt tastes because this CBD wax vaporizer will bring you the best vape experience. With its powerful and long lasting 1100mah battery and unique Evolve Plus dual quartz coils, you will notice precisely why thousands of people have made it clear that this is the vape pen for them.

Innovative quartz dual coil wax vaporizer pen with built-in silicon jar and micro USB port for charging.

Yocan Dual Quartz Coil

Yocan Dual Quartz Coil

The Evolve Plus atomizer coils are crafted with Quartz instead of traditional fiber wick for the most pure vaping experience. The Quartz dual coil promises a crystal clean and smooth way to vaporize your daily CBD.

Yocan Evolve Plus Dab Pen Exploded View

Yocan Evolve Plus Exploded View

Powerful and Durable

With a long lasting 1100mah battery providing 15 seconds of continuous heating, this portable concentrate vaporizer is second to none, and is the best wax vape pen we have tested thus far with the CBD Dabs for sale on our site.

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Your Box Contains…

Contents For CBD Wax Vape Pen

Functional Coil Cap


Built In Silicon Dab Jar

Yocan Built In Silicon Dab Jar

Patented by Yocan, the built-in silicon dab jar is by far the most consumer-friendly feature of this product. Being able to discreetly carry your CBD crumble in this easy to travel with vaporizer pen had been one of the most requested features by our customers, and we have delivered once again.

Tips On How To Use Yocan Evolve Plus

1) Do Not Overload The Dab Pen – the Evolve Plus (EP) comes with its own built in silicon concentrate container at the base of the battery. There’s no need to try and pack it with a large amount of concentrate. For ideal consumption, add a small dab to the chamber about the size of 2 grains of rice, or even less. This will help ensure optimal airflow as well as prevent the air holes from becoming clogged.

2) Do Not Over Tighten The Threads – this will increase the chances of making life a little more difficult. If you’ve over-tightened the thread the threads start to become sticky from residual hemp extract, the ability to unscrew becomes hindered. To remedy this, you’ll want to warm the battery up by pressing the button and trying to unscrew. At times, that may not be enough, and we have found that ratcheting pliers help the best to remove the cap/chamber/cap. The perfect setting will be with the base tightened to the battery snug but not over tightened. That way you can screw the mouthpiece and coil cap on and off without too much trouble. Maintain clean threads using alcohol.

3) For the Functional Coil Cap, again don’t over tighten it. The cap doesn’t need to be super tight. A few turns until a small amount of resistance is felt. The other design feature with the cap is that when you inhale on the mouthpiece the airflow continually clears the coil cap, and acts as a guard against splattering of the heated oil. When the CBD dab oil heats, if you were to rapidly inhale, the concentrate could splatter. Draw gently, which keeps the extract near the dual quartz heating elements, allowing for the best possible vape, as well as keeping your pen cleaner.

4) After Lengthy Inhale – say you have a 5-15 second inhalation, release the button and keep slowly drawing in, if possible, until the chamber is all clear. The heating element will take a moment to cool down. For beginners, we recommend you try starting with one to two seconds of pressing the button. This is to become better acclimated to the operation of the device and feel of the vapor. A little goes a long way!

5) Cleaning Your Portable Dab Rig – the more clean you keep your dab pen and chamber, the more you’ll be able to enjoy flavorful and effective vape clouds. Do not scratch the quartz. Use a gentle brushing if you absolutely have to, in conjunction with an alcohol (99% isopropyl or comparable is ideal) soak to clean it. Allow the entire unit to dry completely before your next use.


Brand Yocan
Model name Yocan Evolve Plus
Type Of CBD Product Specially for wax/concentrate
Heating Element Material Pure metal with quartz coils
Advanced Technology QDC( Quartz Dual Coils ) technology
Color Black
Thread Standard 510 thread
Battery 1100mah
Weight 210g
Package contents 1* Evolve Plus dual quartz atomizer with heat cap
1* 1100mah Evolve Plus battery
1* Extra quartz dual coils
1* Wax tool
1* Micro USB cable
1* Instruction Manual


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