Cancer and CBD Oil Update

As you know if you've been following along, Luke has been taking CBD Hemp Oil to impact his battle with colon cancer. You can read the previous posting here.
Today we have a bit of an update. Overall, he's still doing much better on CBD Hemp Oil than he was on Rick Simpson's Oil (RSO). And, as a reminder, Luke is taking Earth Science Tech High Concentration CBD Hemp Oil.

So, here's his latest update:


Traveled home today. Took 2 doses and again I am impressed as to how my body handles traveling Fatigue. Arrived home feeling pretty good overall. Less fatigued than usual.


I’m pretty beat down by the work schedules I have been keeping lately. Took my 2 doses today and rested. I am physically tired but overall feel okay.


The day of rest I had yesterday was badly needed. Up early and feeling good. I have big personal day with a lot of running around. Took my capsules of oil with me and as expected my stamina and energy levels today were good.

As you can see, he's experiencing much better results on CBD Hemp Oil than he was on the RSO. Not only is his physical being better, his mental outlook on life is substantially better, too.

Kick Some Ass, Luke!

Feeling Better Less Than an Hour after CBD Oil

So, yesterday, I told the story of Luke, one of our owners who is battling colon cancer and his status with CBD Oil. He texted me last night with a bit of info that I thought was hugely important to our readers....

The message said: "Less than an hour after taking CBD Oil and my hips, back and feet feel better!"

If that's not a TWITTER MESSAGE MOMENT for CBD Oil, I don't know what is. I don't have a lot of time to write today, but I just thought this was hugely important for anyone working on managing chronic pain or discomfort from cancer and chemo and are considering CBD Oil.