PlusCBD Hemp Oil Drops-Spray (Previously Cibdex)

What makes PlusCBD Hemp Oil Drops or Spray so popular? Well, they are good and they are effective. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily what makes them one of the best sellers.

First, know that PlusCBD Hemp Oil drops recently changed their name; they used to be called Cibdex CBD Hemp Oil Drops. So, Cibdex is now PlusCBD. No biggie there, but felt we needed to communicate that.

Honestly, what makes these the most popular selling CBD Hemp Oil drops is the combination of 2 factors. First, their parent company: Hemp Meds, is a very deep pocketed organization which spends TONS on marketing all their products. So, by default, more people will know about these CBD Drops. Second, though, is that they are priced as one of the lowest cost CBD Drops at most retailers. So, when new people come along to try CBD Hemp Oil, without any prior experience with CBD, they'll typically gravitate towards the lower priced items....hence, PlusCBD Hemp Oil drops.

Now, with that being said, this does NOT mean these are not good products. In fact, I, too, started with PlusCBD Drops. Its a good way to get your feet wet, find out if CBD will help your condition, how much you might need, and any other particulars surrounding your situation. They are effective. And, affordable.

From here, though, there are higher quality CBD Hemp Oil drops on the market with a more rounded spectrum of cannabinoids. But, again, as a starting point, these are ideal.

PlusCBD Hemp Oil drops are available in 2 sizes: 1oz with 100mg of CBD and 2oz with 500mg of CBD (2.5 times as concentrated as the smaller size). Three tastes, which are all good: Peppermint, Vanilla and Unflavored.

I expect with how well these sell, they will be around for quite some time to come.