Luke's Report of How Effective CBD Oil is with his Cancer

Curious about how effective CBD Hemp Oil is on cancer and the effects of the cancer treatment?

Luke is one of our owners. And, he has metastatic colon cancer. He's been on chemo and RSO and other stuff for over a year now. He was feeling run down and really didn't care to live life very much. He cleaned the RSO out of his system for about 2 weeks and began taking Earth Science Technology Ultra Concentrated CBD Hemp Oil. Here's his first week's report:

Luke’s Hemp CBD Oil Trial


PET Scan – All Tumors but the one in my neck are showing inactive. My neck tumor shows “uptake” so it is still active. Feeling a little tired today.


My Oncologist onboard with my CBD Experiment, told me to document it. Started with 18 Drops of Hemp CBD Oil at 3:30pm. Felt better in less than 30 minutes. My Foot pain better and higher sensation of wellbeing.


Feeling pretty good today. My morning dose helped with my usual aches and pains. CBD Effects began wearing off around lunch. I took my afternoon dose and had the same results as with my morning dose.


Traveled to Houston today. Had a direct 4 hour flight. Woke up today feeling good. I have noticed that I am sleeping better and I am actually waking up and feeling rested. I arrived to my destination and felt less travel fatigue than usual after air travel.


Worked on my feet for 14 hours today. Usually when this occurs I have very painful feet, ankles, knees and hips. Took a mid-day dose around 2PM and within 30 minutes I had pain relief. I love this stuff!


I had a 12 Hour work day. I took a morning dose and an afternoon dose. I felt good all day and had plenty of energy through out the day.


Same scenario as yesterday, I had a 12 hour work day, took a morning dose and an afternoon dose. I feel so much better so I assume it is the CBD Oil. I haven’t changed anything else.

So, obviously its too soon to report what the effects of the CBD Hemp Oil will be on his actual tumors, but he's back to being happy and thriving!