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US Hemp Wholesale

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US Hemp Wholesale LogoUS Hemp Wholesale is a quality provider of natural, dietary supplements.  Based in the USA.  100% Gluten Free.

Producing only the Highest Quality CBD Hemp Oil Gel (Paste), US Hemp Wholesale is a recognized leader by industry professionals -AND- by their customers.  Here is an actual statement from one of our customers who switched to US Hemp Wholesale:

I have been taking this for 3 days now and it tastes so much better than what I was taking.  I no longer feel like I’m licking the bottom of an ashtray and no more burning throat. Last night I didn’t even have to take a pain pill!. Thank you so much for helping me and for introducing me to this

–   S. Pillaris, Olympia, Washington

All products from US Hemp Wholesale are laboratory tested in one of multiple facilities by 3rd parties to ensure the consistency of the CBD in their products.  Many of their products are also now being manufactured in their own FDA-Registered Lab in Michigan!  In this facility, their own employees are able to ensure the purity and freshness of their products so that anything you get with the US Hemp Wholesale name on it, you will know you can trust!  This company is truly “one of the big boys” in U.S. CBD Hemp Oil Industry.  Find out why so many doctors recommend their CBD Gels to patients.