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What Is Water Soluble CBD?

hemplucid-water-soluble-1000mgLately, there’s been a buzz about a new form of CBD called water soluble CBD. Naturally, this has made people curious and they are asking each other on forums and social media, “What is water soluble CBD?” Unfortunately, the answers sometimes provided by non-experts online are wrong or partially wrong. Thus, we are posting this article to explain to you in detail what water soluble CBD is and what benefits it offers you over a traditional CBD oil tincture.

When you drop CBD oil under your tongue and hold it there one to three minutes, i.e. take it sublingually, the advantage is that some of the most important active components in the CBD oil are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This is preferable to simply swallowing drops of CBD oil or taking it in CBD oil capsule form because it doesn’t have to pass all the way through your digestive system before it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Thus, taking CBD oil sublingually gets CBD and other cannabinoids to your CB2 receptors much more quickly and much more efficiently than simply swallowing it. It also gets the terpenes in CBD oil distributed throughout your body must faster and efficiently.


There’s still a problem when you take CBD oil under the tongue. As they say, oil and water don’t mix well and your blood is about eighty percent water! Think about when you make homemade vinaigrette salad dressing and you mix vinegar, a water solution, with oil in the bottom of your salad bowl. What happens? The oil and water go their separate ways and pool apart, right? To get them to mix at all, you actually have to whisk them together with speed and force, and even then, the vinegar and oil separate out again if you leave your vinaigrette siting out too long before serving. Plus, if you look at your vinaigrette really closely, even when first mix it, you’ll see little beads of oil embedded in a matrix of water…. they never really mix well!

This is essentially what happens when CBD oil is absorbed into your bloodstream. Thanks to the powerful action of your heart (basically your internal whisk), your blood pulsating through your blood vessels is able to mix in the CBD oil molecules somewhat. However, the CBD oil never really fully dissolves into your blood or inside any of your cells it is taken to, as they are about ninety percent water. In this scenario, some of the precious cannabinoids and terpenes are delivered to your CB2 receptors, using your blood as the primary carrier, but much of it gets wasted because it never really dissolves fully in your blood or cells. Instead, many of the best components of the CBD oil gets flushed out of your body in your urine and feces before they have a chance to be absorbed.

When people talk about “bioavailability,” they are talking about how much of a nutrient that goes into your body is actually able to be used by the body and put to good purpose. Some experts estimate that you only get about ten percent of the available cannabinoids and terpenes from taking CBD oil to your CB2 receptors when it is placed under the tongue, and even less if you swallow it directly or in capsule form. Thus, the KEY ADVANTAGE of water soluble CBD is that your body can directly absorb a much higher percentage of the cannabinoids and terpenes available in the CBD oil, as much as one-hundred percent in fact. In other words, you’ll be able to receive more benefit by taking less CBD oil. You may also save some money by being able to use less.

Another key advantage of water soluble CBD is you’ll be able to judge serving sizes more accurately and know exactly how much you need to take to have the therapeutic effect you desire. With CBD oil, you don’t always know the actual dosage you’re getting because it’s hard to know exactly how much of the active components of CBD oil your body actually absorbs. With water soluble CBD, you’ll know that your body will be to absorb most of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients in the CBD oil. In this way, you’ll be able to determine the actual dosage you are receiving more accurately.

To make CBD oil water soluble, it must be “reengineered” in the lab. It is then sold as a water soluble CBD powder or a water soluble CBD liquid. The process used to achieve this miracle of chemistry is patented, and thus, we do not know the exact details of the process. However, this is what we do know. They turn the CBD oil into “nano-sized” particles, i.e. microscopically small droplets that have the ability to more easily mix into your blood. While this is not technically exactly the same as “dissolving,” the effect is close enough to call it that.

We also know they join curcumin to CBD oil molecules to make them more water soluble. Curcumin is the substance in turmeric, a member of the ginger family, that makes it bright yellow/orange. Luckily, curcumin is a very healthy addition. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been well studied. It is safe and to ward off Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also known to prevent several types of common cancers including colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. At room temperature and neutral pH, curcumin is only slightly water soluble. However, by playing with the pH and temperature, scientists are able to make slightly soluble molecules much more soluble so this would be a good guess as to how they achieved a more highly soluble product.

As always, you should make sure you are getting a FULL SPECTRUM version of water soluble CBD where none of the cannabinoids, terpenes, or other phytonutrients have been removed in the process to make it water soluble. Water soluble CBD is available in liquid and powder forms.

Since this is a brand new type of product, we’d love to get your feedback. Please keep in touch and let us know how this product works for you.