Announcing WellSpring CBD Oil Online

Posted by Administrator on 1/29/2015
WellSpring CBD Oil Online is now fully stocked and ready to help our customers.  All products have been tested to ensure we experienced no ill effects.  Only those CBD Hemp Oil Products that we feel are worthy of being offered to our customers are being stocked.

Please know that one of our owners is experiencing relapse of cancer.  It was important to all of us that he tried all the products and that he supports and believes that these products are worthy of being offered for sale. 

We will continue to watch as manufacturers offer new CBD Hemp Oil Products.  When some come out that we feel should be tested.  We will.  We will always test products before they get offered for sale online by WellSpring.  

If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help.



Jaelene Huffman
Date: 3/27/2015
I am a Holistic Health Consulant, certifid in Herbs, Nutrition, Reflexology and Temperaments, Still in school working towards more degrees. That being said Iam also a wife and mom to 7, 4 still home, homeschooling mom and live with chronic pain 24/7. I hate it but unfortunately I take se nasty pain medications for pain control and my pain is still not controlled. I have used so many herbs and other alternative health mdalities its unreal. For years they helped but they became les effective as time went on. I live in a state that medical Marijuana is illeal. I did not know Hemp will work as well with the THC until today! Im so excited, my husband and I had been looking into moving to a Medical Marijuana state but if this helps me we may not have to. The Pain Medicatons Iam on have nasty side affects and I hate them. It is so hard to look at a client and ell them stay aay from that tpe thing if possible, hat they can be helped naturally and then pop another 20 MG of Methadone for the 4th time that day and chase it down with a healthy dose of Muscle Relaxer for the 4th time that day. I hate them, there is no way to express how badly I hate them and I still strugle daily. Iam not pain free. My Pain Management Doctor wants me to be at a point that I only need breakthrough meds 1 to 2 times a week. Well That aint happened since 2006. Ok sorry, dont meant to rant, its been a rough week. I have read your website and am very impressed. I hope to order soon, gotta fit it into the budget. I did not see anything from anyone that is on as mmany medications or as hih of doses as Iam so iam wndering why? has it not been tried? Did it not work? or some other explanation? I had a medication change 2 weeks ago. Now am on 50 MCG Fentanyl Patch- soon to be 75 or 100 MCG changed every 3 days, 16 MG Dilaudid daily - 10 MG 4 X daily, And 40 MG Flexeril a muscle relaxer daily 4 X daily. Have you had anyone with ven similar medications use your product successfully? I am dianosed with Fibromyalgia, Bursitis, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Degenerative disk disease in spine and more but I think you should grasp my sitation. My body is falling apart, I hurt all over it. I have had nights where I have fallen to my knees and litterally begged God to die. I have been like this for 9 years, before that the pain was managed without Medications that creat new issues. I know due to the FDA laws and other laws you cant say somethings in public. I wont ask you to say anything to me that can lead to trouble for you. I would like to know any information you or others may have that may be about anything similar to my situation and it anyone as possibly helped at all, evena little or a lot please. I am truly afraid to hope to much but I have lost hope of being a normal wife and mom ever again, of ever having a pain free day again, of getting back all I hav lost due to chronic pain. I need as much information as possible to make a decision on if I should buy and what I should buy. My main pain runs the length of my spine, upper back and shoulders, lower back hips, sciatica, bursitis, Nerve damage and pain all down right leg thats severe, both feet, neck and arms. If I can get relief even just enough to play with my kids it would be worth buying. Unfortunately were a 1 income family right now. Between my medical bills were tight on spending. As it is Iam unsure how long I will need to save to buy. I cant afford to but and not see significant improvement. I guess thats all for now. Iam sorry for dumping so much on you. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you Jaelene Huffman
Date: 3/28/2015
Jaelene, I'm VERY sorry to hear the condition your body is in and the pain. I cannot say that I personally have worked with anyone with a condition quite as severe as yours, but I have heard of many. While most have had varying degrees of improvement, you are right: there are many things we are not allowed to say....unfortunately. With that being said, if you would like a recommendation on what MIGHT have the best effect at the lowest cost, I'd have to recommend one of our particular products.....Highland Pharms 250mg CBD Hemp Oil. This product maintains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, more than just CBD. And, it has the lowest price per milligram of CBD. If/when you get to the point of trying it, please first review the chart on our page titled: How Much CBD Should I take. This page shows a chart of varying dosages, based on weight and condition. Know that these dosages are merely a starting point. Since everyone's body chemistries and conditions are unique, there is NO one size fits all with CBD. After 5-10 days of taking CBD you should notice whether it is to your benefit to continue taking. I hate to finish with this statement, but I must: nothing in this writing is meant to provide a diagnosis or prescription of what CBD will cure or help with. Again, know that I am very sorry to hear of your severe condition. I cannot imagine going through life with that much pain or that many medications.

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