We provide these CBD Oil Reviews from actual customers to help you in your consideration of whether cannabidiol from hemp oil is right for you.  In the end, there is still a lot of trial and error on the customer’s part.

But, usually, if they stick with it, maybe try a second form of a product and/or adjust dosage up or down, usually some benefit is gained.

We wish we would have been saving more of these from early on.  So, initially, this page may seem short.  But, as more and more feedback comes in, we’ll post them to this page as it will be an ever-growing list of CBD Oil Reviews.  There are also more specific product reviews on the product pages.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual weight loss results will vary.

Read on for these un-edited first hand accounts.

CBD Oil Review #1

I am very pleased with the fact that there is no charge for shipping.  I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I received the CBD oil. I am fairly new to CBD oil but I suffer extreme pain from arthritis and I do find that CBD oil helps with the pain some.  I also feel that I sleep better when taking CBD oil. I have no side effects at all.  I am a believer in this product for sure.  I just wish that it was a little more affordable for people who don’t have the money to buy it.  Maybe someday.  I did find that your CBD oil is cheaper than some of the other companies.  Thank you  !!

CBD Oil Review #2

“I have been taking this for 3 days now and it tastes so much better than what I was taking.  I no longer feel like 

      I’m licking the bottom of an ashtray and no more burning throat.

      Last night I didn’t even have to take a pain pill!.

      Thank you so much for helping me and for introducing me to this”

CBD Oil Review #3  (from a comment posted below)

After seeing a segment on Dateline about Charlotte’s Web I decided to try it for my lupus joint pain and fibromyalgia. I had been taking up to 4 hydrocodone a day for many years and the pain was not controlled. It’s been 2 months and I’ve been able to completely stop the pain medication and Ambien for sleep. It’s quite amazing and I’m so grateful.

CBD Oil Review #4

I applied CBD Extract to an old dark,itchy mole for 3 days changing it each day on some unbleached cotton and tape and it has shrunk to nearly gone and no longer itching. The Doc’s just looked at it and said bugger all. It’s been there for over 10 years. An old mate died last month from Melanoma. He had about 3 months from diagnosis to death. He was my age and a Tradesman like me,in the sun all the time.

CBD Oil Review #5

I have noticed a big difference in my pain level since i started the Hemp Oil. I am now able to sew again and not suffer for days. Thank for bringing this product out for people in pain, it really does help!

CBD Oil Review #6

Thank you for the video. The oil has been amazing at reducing my pain from Lupus and Fibromyalgia…better than opioids. I’ve been using about 3/4 of a dropperful of the 500 mg a day and that seems to be what works best for me. I’m glad I found you because of the free shipping and the absolute best customer service.

CBD Oil Review #7

I ordered the Highland Pharms CBD PAWS for my dog who has hip pain and doesn’t move around much anymore.  Well, HE DOES NOW!  He plays all day long and now the vet wants me to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t end up hurting his hip from too much activity.  I am shocked from how well it works.

CBD Oil Review #8

“I recently ordered the Highland Pharms CBD hemp oil drops 250 mg. So far from what I am experiencing , this product is definitely helping with my chronic pain issues and my anxiety. I really recommend giving this a try.” – Karen L.

CBD Oil Review #9

“I’m on day 4 and it WORKS! Yesterday I was virtually pain free. Today is not so good, but a vast difference in where I’ve been.” – Karen M.

CBD Oil Review #10

“Hemp CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states and is very reasonably priced compared to medical CBD Oil. It has greatly reduced my fibro symptoms and lowered the degree of pain.” – Pam J.

CBD Oil Review #11

My 94 year old Mother has anxiety and panic attacks and she uses this to take the edge off and very quickly mellow out. She then rests so well all night long. I’m absolutely amazed at how well this works. We got the AGO G5 Vape Pen, too. It was a little difficult to learn how to use the vape pen and all, since we’ve never used one before, but Eliot at WellSpring was always there to help. THANK YOU!

CBD Oil Review #12

We want to take a moment to thank you for having the CBD Paws product; we have searched online for a while trying to find decently priced CBD oil, and were thrilled to find someone relatively nearby to get it from (we’re in Austin). We have a ferret with insulinoma and the Paws CBD oil has definitely helped her to feel better and has kept her seizures under better control. Thank you!

Here is a pic of Princess Sela, who is named after a real-life pirate princess, the sister of the King of Norway ca. 420 AD.  We adopted her in September 2010 at 10 weeks of age.  She was diagnosed with insulinoma (pancreatic tumors) in July of 2015.

CBD Oil Review #13

I use the Highland Pharms 250mg CBD Drops.  This has helped me so much I still cannot believe it. I have been pain free since I started this therapy. That has translated into a dramatic increase in my energy level. I am so thankful I found out about this and only wish I had known it years ago.

CBD Oil Review #14

I am taking approx 25-30 of the 250mg CBD Oil Drops daily.  I am enjoying a marked reduction in depression and arthritic pain.  My anxiety levels, however, have not shifted.  So, I am doubling the dosage.  The anxiety is a manifestation of bipolar and it is severe.  I am documenting my dosage and the effects

My Kit Kat loves the PAWS and thanks you profusely!

CBD Oil Review #15

I suffer from a great deal of neurological pain from a number of source diseases, namely post polio syndrome, fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease IBS, migraines, not to mention just plain ordinary pain from osteoarthritis. I also have both the assets and liabilities of living in North Carolina. Assets -an excellent cutting edge medical environment and a fierce opponent of medical marijuana.

My preference would be to manage pain with medical marijuana, a less invasive track then my current one -opioids. I have maintained a quality life and a strict regimen of opioids now for 16 years. I know I am dependent on them, but have proven time and time again that I am not an addict.

I decided to try your hemp supplement as a result of research I have made on it and on THC oil -the illegal derivative of hemp’s cousin. I decided to increase the dosage to 15 drops as 10 drops was insufficient for my needs.

I am glad to report that your product has a calming effect and also lowers the sensation of some of my neurological symptoms, Taken in the morning, it helps indirectly with my energy levels by freeing me from compensating as much for allodynia and sciatica. I did not expect it to replace my opioid regimen (as I hope THC will when it becomes legal), but to augment the pain-killing effects. I am happy to say it has met my expectations.

Bravo! Another happy customer! I

CBD Oil Review #16

I have had chronic pain, inflammation and osteoarthritis. The Highland Pharms CBD Oil drops work well, but I thought the taste was unpleasant (strawberry) I may try the mint. I definitely noticed a difference .

CBD Oil Review #17

Started taking CBD Oil Drops 3 weeks ago. For about a year I read everything I could on what to look for in an Oil and decided on Highland Pharms. This Oil has changed my life, no exaggeration! My pain has gone from a 8-10 most of the time, to a 2-4. I am sleeping better, mood is greatly improved and my family can’t believe how much better I am. I have had fibro for 25+ years and nothing has come close to helping me like this Oil. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping those of us who really had no hope for relief. I posted my results on the Fibromyalgia Awareness Website and the website has now endorsed Highland Pharms for CBD products after so many people have recommended CBD Oil. Again, I can’t thank you enough for giving my life back. I am a loyal customer.

CBD Oil Review #18

I purchased this product (Highland Pharms CBD PAWS) for my dog who was experiencing some questionable tumors. Turns out the tumors were cancerous. Rather than putting her on chemotherapy I opted to go this route. I highly recommend this product. She became very playful again and I am on my 2nd bottle. They have my vote!!

CBD Oil Review #19

Wanted to pass a big thank you for having, Highland Pharms CBD, such an amazing product. My seizures have dropped substantially. I tried another company, the product was nothing compared to yours.
I’m a therapist in a chiropractic office, I’ll be sharing you’re company info with clients. Best wishes in the holiday season

CBD Oil Review #20

Re: Highland Pharms 250mg CBD Drops:  After considerable research, I began using CBD oil for symptoms of Schizophrenia, and the aggression that comes with it, in one of my children. We were desperate, as nothing in the pharmaceutical world was working, and often made things much worse. We are seeing progress every day!! Outbursts are diminishing, and she is becoming more able to interact with people around her. Additional research led me to try the product with another child who has bladder dysfunction due to a tethered spinal chord. The chord was fixed, but the damage was done. We are seeing significant improvements in her bladder function as well. I wish I would have known about CBD & other cannabinoids years ago. As for the ordering experience, I have no complaints. The product is pure & affordable, and it arrived in a timely fashion. I will order again.

CBD Oil Review #21

Ok, so here’s my story, we purchased this for my sister in law who had extreme pain in her hip. Arthritus, and Bursitus to where she could not get around at all. After about 4 days of taking this CW oil she was up and going stating that it’s a miracle. So she is taking it every day now. Next, my wife is taking it for preventative maintenance and she is sleeping better plus, her slightly high blood pressure is now normal. So this is the good stuff. I feel it is the most pure and accurate product comparing to others. You can even go to CW website and look at all the lab results for every lot produced. No smoke or mirrors here. I like to call it Pharmacudical Grade. Sorry for the bad spelling as im in a hurry. Get this stuff, it’s the real deal.

CBD Oil Review #22

This product has been a huge help with the seizures and a side benefit of stopping a studder problem as well. Thank goodness for this oil. It is a real life changer.

CBD Oil Review #23

I have tried 3 different CBD products for my multiple symptoms – severe fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, severe lumbar spasms, RLS and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This one definitely has been helpful, as has the drops. It is taking time, but I am seeing a difference – I still need my prescriptions, but not to the extent I was needing them; especially for the migraines.

CBD Oil Review #24

Well im not much for reviews but I feel I need to review this product! First off this company Wellspring is awesome to deal with! Exceptional customer service, shipping , packaging n all. I came home today very anxy and hyper like most days! Its hard to calm me! Well I took me a fat dab of this out of my puffco and I thought wow!! When I blew out the vapor! Nice natural taste and very smooth! So I thought the placebo effect was hitting me! But 15 seconds later I knew I was not feeling a placebo effect but rather a nice warm calm feeling through out my body! No head high! But I am feeling really good! I still have energy but my body feels calmed and my stomach too! Overall I was skeptical I wont lie but this stuff is great! I bought the Gold lable (PlusCBD Oil) too and I will try it another day! My fiance got home and she took a dab and it mellowed her headache! This is a great product ! I will buy it again! Self medicate with all naturals not unnatural chemical pharmaceuticals!

CBD Oil Review #25

I actually work monitoring Drug Safety in the Pharma field so I did thorough research prior to ordering the Highland Pharms CBD Oil drops for my husband. I wanted to wait a couple weeks to give my review. I got the hemp oil drops on recommendation of a friend of my husband who suffers from debilitating osteoarthritis and has already had over 25 related surgeries in his lifetime. He is now disabled on social security. He has continuous pain and discomfort, especially during atmospheric pressure changes. He noted that he felt a difference (some relief) by the second day (he is taking 15 drops 2X day in cranberry juice). He still has pain in certain areas like his knee that does need another replacement but he feels so much better with his overall joint pain, down to a 4-5 from 9-10. He said that he has not felt this better in YEARS! …I can see a positive change in his demeanor also. He also has not experienced any adverse affects. Thank you!

CBD Oil Review #26

I would like to thank you for your wonderful products, great service and fast fast shipping! I would like you to know that I love to share my cannabis products with my friends! I shared my cbd with three of my friends they are gonna become Wellspring customers and one just did today!! I will continue to share and rave over this wonderful (about time legal) cannabis oils for us to enjoy for an array of issues or just to feel good and achieve that better quality of life! Thanks again I cant wait to try the Highland Pharms wax in my new dual coil quartz atomizer kandypen haha!!

CBD Oil Review #27

I am impressed! I have a number of autoimmune diseases and deal with a lot of pain, stiffness and fatigue. The Higland Pharms 250mg CBD oil has reduced my need for opiates for pain control significantly!! It has also reduced much of the stiffness and my joint mobility has improved. Am reordering.

CBD Oil Review #28

Charlottes Web is the best we have found, and Well Springs is the best place to buy. Lightning fast “free” shipping. Also with these recent price drops we decided to buy the 5000mg bottle. This is such a great bargain and the quality is second to none. My wife now has normal Blood Pressure from taking it, my sister has MS and we got her a bottle and she has less leg and foot pain as well as it has helped her vision from taking it. We also got a bottle for my sister in law for her hip pain from arthritus and bersitus, after 5 days of taking this CW she is up and walking around calling it a miracle oil, now they both are buying more because of the help they get from taking it. We highly recommend Charlotte Web. I also know it will help with autoimmune problems, cancers, and many other illness’.

CBD Oil Review #29

First I’d like to thank Elliot for his patience with me and my lack of knowledge about CBD oil ~ for the first-timer it can seem confusing. I’ve been taking the CW Oil ~ 1500mg ~ 15 drops twice a day for a month. It has helped my arthritic pain and inflammation and find I can actually walk the dog without complaining 🙂 Overall, I feel healthier and sleep so much better. Thank you Elliot and WellSpring CBD.

CBD Oil Review #30

The Highland Pharms CBD180 has helped my son so much with his anxiety. He’s been struggling for years and on a few diff meds. Now they have lowered all his dosages and he feels so much better.

CBD Oil Review #31

Thank you!  Taking this has given me some of my life back. My pain level is down. I am not taking as much pain medication I think that I may eventually be able too go off of it . It’s nice to not be in so much pain. I am looking forward to summer for once. All my Doctors have told me that I would spend the rest of my life in pain with it just getting worse and upping my pian medicine until I end up in the hospital to detox off of them. There was not much to look forward too! I am looking forward to working in my flower garden once again. I have not been able to do this for over 10 years.

CBD Oil Review #32

Regarding Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops and Highland Pharms CBD Vape Oil:  This was my second order. I’m out of remission with my Lupus,  dermatomyositis, connective tissue disorder plus I have had 18 knee surgeries to keep walking  3 of them total bilateral knee surgeries and I fell last year and broke my femur. This helps me not to be in severe pain and rely on dilaudid. I also give my 15 year old service dog drops too. Thank you! Be blessed.

CBD Oil Review #33

About 30 years ago, I fell and broke my left leg in two places, just below the left knee and the other break was above the left ankle. and the doctor “fixed” my leg, but left about a 1/2 overlap on the break just below my knee.

In recent years I have been having some nighttime pains with that leg being “restless” and aching.  I “tackled” that problem a few years by taking an Acetaminophen each night about 30 minutes before bedtime…and sleeping with that leg being elevate on a pillow.  That helped, but I would still wake during the night with the pain reestablished in the leg.

ALSO, for about 8 years ago I have been battling psoriasis in the hairline at the base of my scalp line of my head,,,, the shampoo seemed to keep it down,,but never eliminated it.,, But now I have been getting red scaly spots on my hands, arms, elbows, and just below each kneecap. This was visually diagnosed by my GP doctor as being psoriasis also, and the aches in my right hand were diagnosed as arthritis.

In the beginning, about 4 months ago,  I began taking your 250mg CBD Hemp oil, once per day and was seeing no benefit to my health, so I decided to put them down and just forgot about taking the drops. I had also gotten a bottle of the CBD Max drops, so, about 10 days ago, I decided to finish up with my old drops and increased my dosage to twice daily, until they ran out and I now am finishing up with the Max drops (once nightly).

I have noticed some things that I want to confirm to you.

Today, as I reached for the bottle to take another dose, it just dawned on me that the new red psoriasis splotches are now covered over with a white scaly patch, and the spots seem to be “healing and shrinking”. The arthritic-like pain is decreased tremendously and I can move and bend fingers more easily without pain.  And, the pain in my leg each night is virtually non-existent.

My diet has not varied,,, and the  only thing that I have changed is to begin again using the CBD oil drops. My CBDMax is almost used up, now so will need to order more.

I wanted to pass this along to you, because, nothing, not even the special shampoos, had stopped the scale in my hairline, UNTIL I restarted the drops.

Today I will discontinue the special scalp “shampoo treatment”.  So, my achy leg, my arthritis and the psoriasis is all substantially improved due to the CBD Max.

Thank you very much!

CBD Oil Review #34

Hi, after a lot of research, and some inferior products, my wife and I chose to purchase 20ml Of FX Remedy, and 10 ml of Imagine.
I was sold on CBDs when a friend shared some vape oil. It was what I now know, med to low grade. When we got the FX, brands from Y’all, we were completely satisfied.
We are true believers as long chronic pain patients who had to go off opiates without Rehab due to inferior generics, and cost, plus hassle. We were forced to medicate with state sponsored poison ( hard Alcohol ) which I was off of for 4 years! FX, has my alcohol intake, down by a third! Still dropping!

CBD Oil Review #35

I/ We started ordering CBD in September for my 82 yr. old mother who has Dementia.  She had not yet taken conventional meds but we were extremely close to going that route…aricept/donepezil.   My brother who has stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma (a whole other story and testimony)  …he basically begged me to try cbd with her.   He had been reading and researching for over 6 months about cbd (and also mmj).  After researching myself for a couple months I decided on CW Botanicals to start, also read customer testimonials etc.  Your company got very high remarks for your customer service which sold me on ordering with you. ( Also,your name is mentioned alot!)   The results with my mother have been absolutely amazing.  For over two years she was apathetic, depressed, anxious, OCD, weepy and all the symptoms related.   Since day one on cbd and every day since, her general wellness is incredible.  She feels great,  but isn’t sure why! I tell her it’s her “wellness drops” , it’s what we call them! .  She also is having memory improvement, not huge but me being her caregiver seeing her daily….I’m just amazed.  I could go into more detail and probably should in your testimonials page?!   I’m also taking your CW, just ordered the 500mg bottle for me after trying the 250 mg, thought the mid range would be good for me to try.   Things I noticed on first bottle of cbd were….less joint pain and my hands tend to fall asleep when I’m sleeping, that was gone. Also, I experience a good amount of anxiety.
One more thing, I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, we have one of the highest eldery populations in the country.  I’m a 52 yr. old mother of 4  and I’m a private duty CNA. I have experience with a broad range of ailments from Parkinson’s , ALS, Cancer and Hospice.   NOBODY  here where I live  is talking about CBD (nobody I know of and there’s nothing about it on Cape Cod if you do a Google search!).    My purpose is to educate and enlighten people on the benefits of cbd (and even mmj which is legal in Massachusetts).  I’m a compassionate, caregiver & healer.  I just educates an 80 yr. old man in 15 minutes the other day….this  was after he expressed his disappointment in the  ” damn recreational marijuana law/  that passed week her in Mass.!  His words, my segway!   Incredible conversation, he was amazed and so open to learning,  thanked me for educating him and agreed there needs to be more education regarding all things cannabanoid.  By the way he is a retired police office and went to military school with the president elect.  Oh, and I gave him your link.
I apologize  be so long winded, I’m feeling so excited and passionate  about educating people about CBD.

CBD Oil Review #36

I was having explosive bowl movements 5-7 times a day.  Recently the bowl movements had escalated to an exhausting level.  The only time it didn’t bother me was when I was asleep and I found myself sleeping more and more to the point the Doctor wanted to give me trazadone so I could sleep at night when I was not tired but I do not take that medication.  I told my doctor on two visits I think I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  He said that we would have to do a long term exclusionary medicated analysis to determine if that’s the correct diagnosis.  Even though I didn’t get anywhere with that process yet I will say I do intend to follow up with my Doctor but since I just got out of the military it’s hard for me right now to get the medical care I need on tricare standard and I’m truthfully a little afraid to tell them what I’ve been doing.  I am very serious when I say now that your medecine has fixed my bowl issue 100 percent.  Not a little bit or somewhere on a scale of 1 to 10, I really mean 100 percent with no other medication perscribed for that issue.  I haven’t changed my diet much I haven’t changed my exercise much, honest to god your medecine on it’s own fixed that for me like some kind of miracle.

I am also dealing with debilitating heart burn and I have had to take nexium which my Doctor says is bad for my body because as I’m sure you know long term use prevents your body from taking in calcium.  With your medication I am looking forward to getting off nexium very soon before the 90 day limit my Doctor put me on.  It was his expressed preference for me to not have to take nexium for long anyway.  My heart burn is not cured like the bowl movements.  The heart burn I can put at a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best result after using your medication.  I was 100 percent dependent on the nexium exactly at the 24 hour mark every day.  Using your medication with the nexium I am getting extended relief beyond what the nexium can do for me.

I can’t  thank you enough.