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Can You Mix CBD and Caffeine?

Can You Mix CBD and Caffeine?

Coffee is the perfect antidote to a tired mind, but what if you could it even better? Check out whether you can mix CBD and caffeine in this guide.

Total American consumer sales of CBD in 2017 was 358 million dollars. By 2020, that number will surpass 1812 million.

The explosive sales growth of CBD has a lot to do with more and more research showing the health benefits of CBD.

As time goes on, people are finding new ways to benefit from and enjoy CBD while reducing negative side effects. One way is by combining CBD and caffeine.

Read on to learn all about the benefit of CBD and caffeine and get some cannabis coffee recipes to try.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the parts of the cannabis plant. It is one of the ingredients in marijuana however, it is not psychoactive. Using CBD does not alter your state of mind. The oil is the extract from the cannabis plant.

CBD oil drops are cannabidiol extracts in liquid form. In recent years, a lot of research has been done to explore the many uses and health benefits of CBD. In the rest of this article, we will use the term CBD oil, but this can mean either the extract or the drops based upon your preference.

Benefits and Side Effects of CBD

Some people find that taking a strong serving of CBD can cause them to feel sleepy and heavy. Usually, lowering the amount is the ticket to reduce that side effect.

Yet some people want more of the positive effects that are only possible with higher amounts and yet eliminate the negative effects of lethargy.

Caffeine is one way to eliminate any drowsiness from CBD. Adding CBD oil in coffee lets you enjoy the benefits of the oil without feeling drowsy.

Benefits and Side Effects of Caffeine

Research has shown that taking caffeine can result in a jump in people’s stress hormone (cortisol). That is why people who suffer from anxiety often limit coffee intake.

The Benefit of CBD and Caffeine Together

When you combine CBD oil and caffeine you get the benefits of both and decrease any negative side effects.

Caffeine is readily available in capsule format as well as in energy drinks, energy bars and of course coffee. Yet, there are plenty of reasons why you should drink CBD-infused coffee.

Both CBD oil and caffeine increase your serotonin levels. That means they are great mood boosters. Put them together to feel on top of the world.

Coffee boosts your brain function. You are more alert, can react quicker and have better attention span when you drink coffee.

CBD oil works to protect the neurons in your brain from damage. By putting these two elements together, you get double the brain boost.

Coffee is a natural antioxidant that purges your cells of the waste it doesn’t need. Sure, you get some from your leafy greens and fruit, but drinking a cup of coffee gives you an extra shot of immunity-boosting power.

Plus, the smell of coffee is a naturally calming scent that helps people relax and release stress.

Combining the benefits of CBD oil and coffee gives you double the benefits without the side effects. It’s a dream combination that many people are embracing.

Precaution: Heat Affects CBD

One thing to keep in mind is that studies have shown that CBD is affected by temperature. The milligram amount of CBD changes when exposed to heat. So placing CBD oil in coffee will affect how much CBD you are actually ingesting.

If you are taking CBD for certain conditions like epilepsy you need to speak to your doctor about the best way to consume CBD for you. Because your serving needs to be precise, you will be safest to avoid mixing your oil in hot drinks.

In these situations, you may take your CBD and after 30 minutes drink a strong cup of coffee.

However, if you are taking CBD for the health benefits and not to treat specific conditions, the change in serving size shouldn’t affect you at all.

Recipes for CBD-Infused Coffee

A cup of infused coffee is an easy, enjoyable way to start your morning. There are many recipes you can try to get the benefits of both CBD and caffeine and coffee. Here are our faves.

Peppermint CBD Latte

Just in time for the holidays is this minty infused coffee you’ll be sure to love. Take 1/2 a dropper of CBD tincture and add it to 3/4 cup of hot coffee. Heat 1/4 cup of milk and then froth it to make it as luxurious as possible.

Add the milk (without the foam) to your mug and top with froth. Unwrap a York peppermint patty and crumble it on top of your mug.

Enjoy a delicious minty, frothy latte with the benefits of CBD oil.

Dairy-Free Cold Brew CBD-Infused Coffee

This recipe takes a little more prep time but you can make a big batch for the whole week ahead of time.

In a large mason jar mix 4 cups of water with 2 cups of ground coffee. Let this sit for 12-24 hours. Strain the coffee through a strainer and store any remainder in the fridge until you are ready to use.

In a blender, add 2 tablespoons of cold brew coffee concentration and 1 cup of boiling water. Add your usual amount of CBD oil, 1 teaspoon of liquid coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of coconut milk.

Blend until smooth. Serve immediately and sweeten with your choice of sweetener. Local honey is perfect for this brew.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading. We hope you learned everything you needed to know about CBD and caffeine in this post. CBD-infused coffee is a great way to jump start your morning without risk of anxiety or drowsiness. It’s a win-win combination.

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