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how to store cbd oil

How to Store CBD Oil Products

CBD oil products are great to have around, but don't just keep them anywhere! Here's a great guide on how to store CBD oil products.

CBD oil comes as an extract and often in a carrier oil that “carries” it and gives you volume. Typical CBD carrier oils are olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and MCT oil.

The whole shebang must be considered when looking at how to store CBD oil to keep it fresh as long as possible and from going rancid. For example, olive oil has a typical shelf life of two years if stored properly in a cool, dark place and sealed container.

It depends on the oil and how much light, heat, and air exposure it’s gotten since it was picked and pressed to the time it gets to you. And it depends on how much fat is in the oil.

Keeping oils away from light, heat, and the air is the magic key for all oils. But how do you do that so the CBD oil stays as fresh as possible, you ask? And what if your oil is just a CBD extract with no carrier oil?

To help, we’ve put together basics on how to store your CBD oil products. Keep reading for easy tips and tricks, then move your beloved products into the stay-fresh zone.

The Basics on How to Store CBD Oil

If your oil is CBD extract, you can follow this guide too. Oils are oils.

If your CBD oil is infused into an edible, then you have to take into consideration how you would store the edible. For example, if the CBD oil is in a brownie, you’ll need to store the brownie like a brownie and also take into consideration the instructions on how to store the oil.

Basically, you want to store your oil in a cool, dark place like your food pantry or cupboard.

You want to have it in a sealed container, preferably a darker stained glass bottle with the lid on tight. Usually, your oil will come in such a bottle or other CBD oil product container. If not or if you’re making your own oil, you can purchase these bottles and containers online.

If you store CBD oil in a sealed bottle and in a cool, dark place, the oil should last up to a year. That is if you want to store it that long. Most people use theirs before the year is up, but that’s, of course, up to you.

Let’s quickly look at why cool, dark, and sealed are so important.

Lower the Lights

CBD oil doesn’t love the light. And it stays fresher longer in the dark.

Why? Oxidation. The light makes the oil oxidize. This means that it degrades the quality of the oil, which eventually leads to it going rancid.

This is the reason most oil is stored in dark colored bottles, usually opaque amber or blue. It helps keep the light out. Placing your oil in the pantry or cupboard is another way to do this.

Let Your CBD Oil Stay Cool

It’s also a good idea to put CBD oil where it can stay cool. You can put it in the fridge but know that the oil will get harder. Just like with coconut oil in the winter if it gets cool enough in the cupboard, it solidifies.

If you put it in the fridge, just take it out a bit before use. You can also run the bottle under hot water to get your CBD oil to go back to its full-on liquid state.

You can also put your oil in the freezer. This will really solidify it, obviously. So if you do this, take it out long before use. You will need to fully defrost it.

The freezer will keep it fresh the longest but this is more for long-term storage. You don’t want to keep oil in the fridge that you use regularly, as you’ll just be defrosting every time you use it and there’s no need for this.

We like to just put our oil in the cupboard or pantry where it’s cool enough. But if you live in a really hot climate, put it in the fridge.

Keep Your CBD Oil Sealed

The less your CBD oil is exposed to air, the fresher it will stay. Read: Sealed bottle, jar, or container.

Why? Once again, it’s the oxidation process. The oxygen also makes oil oxidize. Oxidation depends on how much oxygen reaches the oil, how much light it’s getting, and the temperature.

It also depends on other moisture in the area as well as some metals like iron and the type of oil, but we’re not going to worry about that. Just stick to the big three: cool, sealed, and dark storage.

But if you want, you can read more about what your CBD oil is actually made of.

So as long as your oil is in the bottle it came in, preferably dark amber stained or dark blue stained, you’re good. The dark stain will give you a bit of leeway with the light, too.

Know How to Check Shelf Life

As mentioned, if you store CBD oil as suggested, it should last up to a year. If it’s in the freezer, it can go longer.

When you purchase your oil, check for an expiration date. If it’s an infusion, check the expiration of the edible.

To tell if the oil is rancid, look at the clarity of the oil and the color. As it becomes rancid, the oil becomes more foggy. It also changes color.

Once you notice that the oil is foggy and has changed color, it’s time to toss it. It’s passed it’s expiration date and shelf life.

Keep Your CBD Oil Fresh

Now that you know the basics of how to store CBD oil and can see how simple it is, it’s time to make sure your oil is sealed and move it into a cool, dark place.

Ah, so simple and so fresh!

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