1500mg cbd isolate relax drops
CBD Isolate Drops – Relax Formulation



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CBD Isolate Drops – Relax Formulation


  • Pure CBD Isolate: Experience the purest form of relaxation with our THC-free, high-strength CBD isolate drops, ensuring a focused approach to tranquility without any psychoactive effects.
  • Natural Lavender Essence: Infused with the soothing scent and properties of lavender essential oil, these drops are your natural aid for enhanced calmness and improved sleep quality.
  • All-Natural Ingredients: Crafted with care from organically grown hemp and free from artificial additives, our Relax Formulation is a testament to our commitment to your health and wellness.
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Discover tranquility in a bottle with our newly released CBD Isolate Drops – Relax Formulation. Meticulously crafted for those seeking serenity and repose, this all-natural elixir combines the purest form of CBD with the soothing essence of lavender to create an oasis of calm in your daily life.

Pure Potency: Our CBD Isolate Drops are specially formulated with the highest quality CBD isolate, ensuring that you receive a pure and concentrated dose of CBD without any other cannabinoids or plant materials. This makes it perfect for individuals who prefer a THC-free experience or those who are sensitive to other hemp compounds.

Lavender Infusion: We’ve harnessed the time-honored calming properties of lavender essential oil, renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. The gentle floral notes intertwine with the clean taste of our isolate drops, offering a serene sensory journey with every use.

Holistic Health Benefits: Embrace the harmonious blend designed to alleviate stress and soothe your mind. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or seeking to enhance your meditation practice, these drops provide an ideal companion for moments when you need to relax and rejuvenate.

Every drop is imbued with kindness—our commitment to supporting your wellbeing shines through in this thoughtful formulation. Free from artificial additives and preservatives, our CBD Isolate Drops – Relax Formulation is as kind-hearted as it is effective.

Incorporate these drops into your nightly routine or turn to them during times of heightened stress; let their empathetic embrace guide you towards peacefulness. With each use, find yourself enveloped in compassion as you drift towards restfulness on waves of lavender-infused bliss.


Organic MCT Oil, CBD Isolate Extract, Organic Lavender Extract


Place 0.5 ml to 1 ml under your tongue for 30-60 seconds, then swallow, once or twice daily, or as directed by your physician.

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1500mg cbd isolate relax drops
CBD Isolate Drops – Relax Formulation



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