Do you find walking painful due to aching or sore knees? You're not alone. Knee pain affects millions of people of all ages in the United States, especially those aged 45 and older.

Research shows that one common cause of knee pain, osteoarthritis, has doubled in prevalence since the middle of the 20th century. Many people choose to self-medicate rather than see a doctor. Over-the-counter medications offer relief for a short while, but often stop working in chronic pain sufferers.

CBD oil may be a good alternative for those people who want to avoid heavier pain medications or expensive surgery. Read on to learn more about using CBD oil for knee pain so you can walk in comfort.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural component found in cannabis plants. It's non-psychoactive unlike the other well-known component of marijuana, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, so it does not get the user higher.

Some doctors believe that CBD provides neurogenic and neuroprotective effects. They recommend CBD oil to help treat serious neurological conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis as well as depression, arthritis, and more.

Chronic Knee Pain: Common Causes and Symptoms

The cause of someone's knee pain varies as much as the individual themselves. Kids and adults suffer injuries and other times an underlying medical condition leads to the pain. Read on for a few common causes of knee pain below to see if you fall into one of these categories.

Typical Causes

Injuries account for a large portion of chronic knee pain symptoms. A knee injury usually impacts cartilage, ligaments, or bones of the joint itself. It can also affect the tendons, ligaments, or bursae (the fluid-filled sacks) surrounding the knee joint.

Common knee injuries include:

  • Tearing the meniscus, the tough cartilage acting as a protective barrier between your thighbone and shinbone.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome where the strong tissue extending from the outside of your knee to your hip becomes too tight and rubs along the femur.
  • Fracturing/dislocating the patella, or the kneecap.
  • Knee bursitis when the bursae, which allow your ligaments and tendons to slide smoothly over the knee joint, become inflamed.
  • Tearing the ACL, the anterior cruciate ligament.

Other common causes of knee pain stem from some type of arthritis affecting the joint, including:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder that may come and go.
  • Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, associated with the joint deteriorating due to age or use.
  • Gout occurs most commonly in the big toe, but can also happen in the knee, and refers to when uric acid crystals accumulate in the joint and make it hard to move.

Many other causes exist, so check out the list of symptoms below to see if your discomfort matches any of them.


Typical symptoms of knee pain sufferers include:

  • The inability to completely straighten or extend the knee
  • The inability to hold weight on the knee
  • Instability or weakness while standing and walking
  • Crunching and popping noises when moving
  • Stiffness and/or swelling
  • Reddened skin and feels warm to the touch

Be sure to contact your doctor right away if you cannot stand or you notice obvious swelling in the knee.

Why Use CBD Oil for Knee Pain?

For some, knee pain impedes on daily life but not enough to justify surgery. For others, surgery might have been the only option but the medical intervention leaves them with stiff, achy knees. If you take over-the-counter or prescription medication for either of these reasons, it might be time to try hemp oil for your knee pain.

CBD affects the body's very important endocannabinoid system. European researchers believe the endocannabinoid system may be critical to the understanding and treatment of inflammation and chronic pain. This connection requires further research, but doctors find the possibilities very promising.

Since the endocannabinoid system influences the majority of the body's functions from disease immunity and neural function to mood and digestion, it makes sense to use CBD for joint pain of all kinds.

Effects of Hemp Oil for Knee Pain

Hemp-based CBD oil relieves many symptoms in chronic knee pain sufferers. By working in conjunction with the body's natural endocannabinoid system, CBD offers significant relief without the dangers associated with opiates.

CBD-rich hemp oil reduces inflammation in puffy, sore knees. It does not matter if you suffer from arthritis or an old injury, taking the inflammation out makes a big difference.

Hemp-based CBD works great as a joint pain reliever as well. It dulls communication between the brain and pain receptors to literally stop the body from feeling pain.

The relaxing properties of CBD oil affect the whole body including your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It loosens up your body and relaxes stiff joints. It also helps to regulate healthy blood pressure and circulation in the body.

How to Use CBD for Joint Pain Relief

Not everyone feels comfortable sparking up a joint in order to get the pain-relieving effects of cannabis. As more states legalize medical marijuana, the options for chronic pain sufferers continue to increase. You can choose from several different methods for ingesting CBD oil for joint pain.


A CBD tincture is a medicinal liquid extract made by soaking one substance in another liquid substance, often alcohol. You can make a tincture with glycerin, oil, or vinegar as well. CBD tinctures take high-CBD containing cannabis and soak it in one of the liquids to create a chemical solution.

The tincture contains all the best qualities from the plant's trichomes, terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc. in concentrated form. You ingest the tincture by placing a few drops under your tongue. The effects tend to last much longer with greater effect than vaping, smoking, or applying a topical treatment.


Another method of using CBD oil for joint pain is to apply it directly to the knee in the form of a cream, salve, or oil. The targeted pain relief works similar to other topical treatments. It may take up to 1 hour to feel it working, but the relief can last up to 6 hours.


One drawback of taking CBD tinctures is the taste. Ingesting a capsule filled with CBD may be preferable if you do not like the taste of the tincture. Do not expect the same fast relief as if you took the tincture directly under the tongue.

CBD capsules contain the same positive medicinal properties extracted from the cannabis plant. The difference lies in how the body absorbs the chemicals. Either immediately under the tongue or after being digested in the stomach.


The method most people imagine when they think about ingesting any cannabis product is smoking. Smoking offers immediate knee and joint pain relief, but you must medicate more often than the other methods. You also must deal with the combustion aspect, which some people do not like.


Vaping offers a similar effect as smoking without needing to light anything. Vapes work electronically with coils to vaporize the cannabis for a quick, discreet method of ingestion.

Remember different CBD ingestion methods provide different kinds of pain relief. Do not be afraid to try them out until you find the one that works best for your individual condition.

Order High-Quality, Legal Hemp CBD Oil Online

Why spend another day feeling uncomfortable when you know you can use CBD oil for knee pain relief? Buying legal hemp-based CBD oil has never been easier.

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There is a lot of chatter from big buy CBD Oil companies who spend a lot on marketing and advertising and who want your attention so you buy their CBD Oil. But is it the best buy for you?

Fact is, like any industry, there are many companies who sell CBD hemp oil products. And, unfortunately for shoppers, those companies with the biggest marketing budgets often get "heard" the most.....but that doesn't mean their products are the best. So, what should you look for when buying CBD hemp oil?

First, Quality.

Many companies tend to gloss over the various qualities of CBD available in the market. And, many sell cheaper quality CBD at premium prices. If you want only the top quality CBD in your products, you should look for CBD that has been extracted from hemp using a Super Critical CO2 extraction process. There are several extraction processes, but the Super Critical CO2 process is the best. This process results in CBD that is less damaged than with any other process. And, when using this process, a full spectrum of cannabinoids are maintained for your benefit. Not only CBD is extracted, but also CBC, CBG and CBN, along with 400+ Phytonutrients, B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Omega Oils and much more. Its truly a Full Spectrum for your benefit.

As you might imagine, though, this is not the cheapest means to extract CBD. And, thus, its important to look at price. So, secondly, price is your other factor. But, NOT the overall price for a product. More importantly, you want to look at the "price per milligram (mg) of CBD". I've seen products with the price/mg range from 25 cents to almost 50 cents, or more! That's an extreme difference.

The price/mg matters because you only need to take so many milligrams of CBD for your particular condition and body size. People often buy a bottle of something and just take whatever the package says. This may or may not be enough and the person is left wondering either "why it didn't work" or "why they are paying so much". This is because they are either not taking enough or taking too much. So, by focusing on how many milligrams of CBD you need and factoring in the cost/mg of CBD a product has, you can begin comparing the real cost of a particular product.

So, quality and price are your two factors to heed when shopping to buy CBD Oil products.

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