Cannabidiol (CBD) products are now in the mainstream and continue to skyrocket in the medical and dietary supplement market due to its wealth of healing properties. From offices, wellness spas, dispensaries, cafes, to grocery stores, many different products are emerging left and right.

One of the herb’s many forms includes oil, edibles, creams, isolates, and more. While it is not an all-cure medicine, many people from different parts of the world want to reap its health benefits and various applications in improving our health.

That’s why it is quite tempting to pack a stash of this wondererful plant. However, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may not be up to speed on the differences between hemp CBD and medical cannabis products.

In spite of CBD products being legal in the United States, the federal regulations concerning the chemical compound remain in constant flux. That means slipping CBD-infused products in your carry-on may spell some trouble for you if you’re not careful.

Tips for Traveling with CBD Products

Tip #1: Examine Your CBD Oil

All CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC are good to fly on air. Anything going beyond the set standard is classified as marijuana, so be sure that your CBD is well-tested and packaged with the manufacturing labels fully readable.

Tip #2: Pack Your CBD Oil with Your Liquids

Airline policy in different states allows passengers to bring one quart-sized clear bag of liquids like pastes, gels, creams, and CBD products as part of their carry-on weight. You can stack up on the items so long as it is within the limit of 100 milliliters, or about 3 fluid ounces. This is highly recommended for folks who need immediate access to healthful relief while traveling by air.

Tip #3: Research the Laws in Your Layovers and Destination

CBD products that are derived from hemp plants are 100% legal under federal law, though some regulations vary depending on which state. Even if the source is from hemp, some states are more strict pertaining to CBD products. That’s why researching the rules and regulations in both the state you are departing from and traveling to/through is crucial for your security with the law.

Tip #4: Review the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of the CBD Product

CBD products that are legal to board flights must contain THC less than 0.3%, that’s why you should be on the lookout for its ingredients and COA before purchasing any oils, tinctures, or more.

You will find these Certificates of Analysis, or lab reports, on each product on our site within the product description under the title: Test Results.

For your safety, never buy CBD from a black market source, a random gas station, or other untrusted sources, as poor manufacturing sources can result in CBD with inaccurate content, in spite of labels claiming to have X amount of CBD, or for it to be free of THC.

If you wish to take your caution up a notch, it’s in your best interest to bring a print-out of the product’s lab report to showcase to the TSA in case authorities ask for verification.

CBD Laws and Regulations

Many aspects of public transportation in the United States is regulated by the TSA, which is a federal agency run by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Specific drugs and items are prohibited to board the aircraft, one of which was medicinal marijuana back in 2017.

The TSA used to view CBD as part of marijuana, which is strictly illegal to bring on airlines due to its complex laws and irregularities. However, CBD is also derived from hemp, which was legalized by the federal agency in 2018 under the Agricultural Improvement Act. Currently, the TSA does allow for CBD oil products to be brought with you on domestic flights.

This recent update on the 29th of May 2018 states that medicinal products like CBD products are allowed in the flight so long as it meets the standards and is derived from hemp. Be sure not to skimp out on this detail as marijuana-based CBD is considered as an illegal substance on flights, so keep in mind that you can only bring hemp-derived CBD in your travels.

If you are looking for some great CBD oils you can carry with you when flying, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

CBD oil is a health supplement godsend for many of us. it's still not easily available all over, so you'll want to take it will you when you travel. To have all the health benefits of CBD without facing expensive confiscation or legal concerns, read our guide on flying with CBD oil.

Traveling with CBD Oil in 2019

It's easier to buy CBD oil than ever. Perhaps you use it for a medical concern or to relieve daily stress. Now, CBD is derived from hemp instead of cannabis, but the law isn't as clear on this distinction as many of us might like it to be.

Technically, being a hemp derivative, you should be allowed to take it across state lines. Even if marijuana isn't legal in your destination.

Traveling by Land

If you're driving within state lines, you shouldn't have a problem taking CBD in a car, bus or train. States only recently saw a change in 50 states to allow hemp and hemp products, so law enforcement officers in more conservative states might still give you a hard time. You may want to take a printout about the law with you, and some other documentation we'll look at in just a minute. Consulting with a hemp and cannabis law firm, like Hoban Law, will be the most effective way to get up to date information.

Keep in mind, that while many states permit CBD, under federal law possession of THC dominant cannabis products is still illegal and this confuses some authorities. In short, intrastate travel by car, bus or train should be doable. Crossing state lines can get tricky and might require a bit of educating about CBD oil being a hemp derivative.

Flying with CBD Oil

If considering flying with CBD oil, there are two types of travel to consider: domestic and international. The recommendation for each is slightly different.

Flying Domestically with CBD Oil

To know just what you can and can't do with CBD if flying, let's defer to the TSA. On their website, the TSA says that possession of marijuana and cannabis-infused products like CBD is 'illegal under federal law'. That means TSA officers are required by law to report any activity they suspect to be a violation.

They also have to inform local law enforcement if they've found these products as part of the screening process. From there, it can depend a bit on luck and a lot on that state's attitudes to cannabis products. If you're not breaking state laws, police will generally just ask you to dispose of the products before passing screening.

If it's a state where cannabis still isn't legal, you can be charged for the crime.

Flying Internationally with CBD Oil

For the moment, it's best to not even contemplate flying internationally with CBD. You're no longer dealing with fellow-American law officers and you may be far from the embassy. Some countries have zero tolerance for cannabis possession.

You could get jail time for even a tiny amount of CBD oil.

How Can I Prepare to Travel with It?

If you're traveling within state lines by bus, car or train, keep your CBD oil in your hand-luggage so you can care for it. You've seen attendants throw luggage without a lot of care and that could result in broken packaging. Roll some soft clothing or a small towel around your products to help absorb impact.

You can even reuse packaging from a recent delivery to help you out.

If it's a flight, we've seen it's better to err on the side of not taking it. You can take your CBD oil right before passing security, so you still get a calming benefit for your flight. If you absolutely cannot be without your CBD while you're away, do some rigorous research before you go.

Check out the state laws for where you are traveling to. If the state you're traveling to has dispensaries you could buy from on arrival, get in contact to find out what documentation they'll need from you. It's a good idea to make a note of who you spoke to so you can refer to the call should any issues pop up once at the dispensary.

They may need something specific from your doctor. Give yourself time before the trip to have all this organized and in place. If there are no dispensaries where you're going, some people opt to mail their CBD to the destination ahead of them.

This has its own risks, but some see it as far less risky than transporting it with them if flying.

Picking Your Product for Traveling

If you decide that traveling with CBD is low-risk or legal for your travel route, there's still some more things to keep in mind. Choose edibles like gummies over big containers of liquid. If you vape, remember you'll need to keep it in your carry on as these can't be stored in checked baggage.

Storing CBD While Traveling

You might be traveling to a location that's warmer and sunnier than what you're used to - let's hope so! Store your CBD in a cool, dark place, preferably away from humidity or other moisture. If it's left in the sun or direct heat it can harm the natural ingredients and that may reduce their effectiveness.

Have Documentation on You at All Times

No matter where you're traveling, it's smartest to have documentation with you. A prescription, a doctors' letter, or anything that supports your use of CBD. Anything that supports your use of CBD for health or medical issue is likely to work in your favor.

Also, take any ingredient list or company report that proves your CBD is derived from legal hemp, not marijuana. This can be especially helpful to argue that it's legal to transport it.

Stay Calm

It's a bit nerve-wracking being questioned by law officers or TSA officers. Remember to breathe, stay calm, and answer their questions clearly and politely. It's not personal, they're just doing their job.

Your job is to help them understand why you need it and how you use it. They're just trying to uphold the law, and protect the community. If you make it clear you're not doing anything illegal or unsafe, that this is a supplement that helps you relax and reduce pain, they'll be likely to wave you through.

They may ask you to dispose of the product even if they do take kindly to your reasoning, so be prepared for that.

Now You're Ready for Flying with CBD Oil!

Now you know the answer about flying with CBD oil. If it's international, leave it at home. If it's a domestic flight, take it beforehand, or take precautions and documentation.

Traveling by land can be easier. In any case, remember documentation that supports its use for your health, and that underlines the key ingredient as a hemp derivative not a cannabis one. If you're ready to buy some high-quality CBD - for traveling or home, check out our website today!

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