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What Is CBD Hemp Oil

What is CBD Good For? WellspringCBDHave you noticed all the online chatter and news reports about cannabidiol or CBD?  What is CBD Hemp Oil and is it legal where you live?

Let’s break this down so it makes sense.  First, let’s identify what CBD is.  CBD is the short name for Cannabidiol.  Cannabidiol is one of several naturally occuring compounds found in cannabis.  (We will clarify what CANNABIS is, in just a moment).  But, cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the plant compounds.  Some of the others, are CBG, CBC, CBGA, THC….and there are more.  But, for now, just know that CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis.

Cannabis, contrary to what many people assume, is NOT just marijuana.  Cannabis, is actually the more generic name of the plant lineage.  Cannabis consists of both marijuana plants and hemp plants.  This is important, because many people are concerned with getting ‘high’ from taking any form of cannabis.  In order to get ‘high’, one has to ingest, smoke or vape a great enough amount of THC.  THC in marijuana is generally found at levels great enough to cause one to feel ‘high’.  But, THC in hemp is generally found at levels so low that people do not feel ‘high’.

What does all this mean for CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD can be extracted from hemp and from marijuana.  But, if its extracted from marijuana, it falls under the legality issues which vary from state to state.  This is why we DO NOT carry any products on our website that have CBD extracted from marijuana.  We only carry products that have CBD extracted from hemp.  And, yes, CBD is extracted from plants.  When it is, generally other compounds, such as THC, can be extracted, too.  But, since hemp has only trace amounts of THC to begin with, any extract from hemp will not have enough THC to cause anyone to get ‘high’.

CBD extracted from hemp will not get you ‘high’.

The CBD extract from hemp is generally in the form of a CBD paste or CBD gel.  Its a thick, gooey mess.  This product would be referred to as CBD Extract.  Even though many websites, including ours, sometimes calls this extract “CBD Hemp Oil“, its technically not.  To get what is really called CBD Hemp Oil, the CBD extract gets infused or mixed into Hemp Oil, thus creating a CBD Infused Hemp Oil or CBD Hemp Oil.  CBD is infused into hemp oil because hemp oil is a food grade (meaning safe for human consumption) oil that is legal in all 50 states.  And, CBD extracted from hemp is legal in all 50 states.  So, CBD Hemp Oil is also legal in all 50 states.

CBD extracted from hemp can be infused into other food grade oils.  For instance, CW Botanicals CBD Oil Drops actually uses coconut oil.  And, Highland Pharms uses coconut oil in some of their products, and vegetable glycerin oil others.  Technically, these products would be called CBD Coconut Oil or CBD Apricot Oil.  But, because the industry has grown up around the phrase CBD Hemp Oil, this usually generically refers to all products using CBD extracted from hemp.

So, to summarize:

  • CBD Hemp Oil is hemp oil that has been infused with CBD extracted from hemp
  • CBD Hemp Oil occasionally is made with food grade oils other than hemp oil
  • CBD Hemp Oil products are legal in all 50 states
  • CBD Hemp Oil products will not cause one to feel ‘high’

Sorry to be so wordy to get to these 4 key points, but many of customers want the background information.