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US Hemp Wholesale Proprietary CBD hemp extract blue label
US Hemp Wholesale™ High CBD Oil – BLUE Version 15-18%

$24.95$579.95 or from $21.21$492.96 / month

$24.95$579.95 or from $21.21$492.96 / month

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US Hemp Wholesale™ High CBD Oil – BLUE Version 15-18%

$24.95$579.95 or from $21.21$492.96 / month

Our Proprietary Hemp Extract is a CO2 extracted hemp oil with a phytocannabinoid concentration of 15%-18%. That’s approximately 150mg-180mg CBD per gram.

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US Hemp Wholesale High CBD Oil – BLUE Version 15%

All 3 of the US Hemp Wholesale are 15% Concentration.  This means that in 1 gram (1000mg), there is 150mg of CBD.  And, so, with a recommended dosage of 1/2gram, you’d be getting 75mg of CBD Per Serving. This is quite a bit for most people.  So, you can take less than 1/2 gram if you choose not to take quite so much CBD.  However, if you are taking CBD for a strong condition, you may very well want to have this much.  US Hemp Wholesale is a brand that produces a very HIGH GRADE CBD Oil and that uses only a cannabidiol (CBD) that has been very gently extracted.

US Hemp Wholesale offers this line (available in Blue, Gold or Raw versions) and is the Richest CBD Hemp Oil supplement they offer.  CBD Hemp Oil is naturally a Low THC/High CBD product and is extracted from hemp, not marijuana.  As such, it is legal in all states throughout the U.S.  It does not produce a ‘high’ to the user.

US Hemp Wholesale maintains strict production standards and manufacturers in an FDA-Registered certified laboratory.  They send samples of their batches out to an independent lab to test using state of the art processes (liquid gas chromatography) to test their products to verify both purity and concentration of the Cannabidiol present in their products.  They also test for other possible compounds such as yeast, molds, E. coli, as well as a total aerobic count in each batch they produce.  Their products are not the cheapest, but you can rest assured if its from US Hemp Wholesale it “is what it claims to be” and is pure and clean.

US Hemp Wholesale offers this line in 3 Versions: BlueGold, or Raw versions.  This product is the Blue Version
Ingredients: Decarbed CBD Hemp Oil
Added Ingredients: None
Form: Paste
Sizes: 1 gram, (150mg CBD) 3 grams (450mg CBD), 10 grams (1500mg CBD).
Decarboxylated^: Yes

^Decarboxylation is a process that simply heats the oil, extracting the CO2 and turning CBDa into CBD.

Which Version is Right for You?

The BLUE version is a thick and dark paste.  If it is a little difficult to squeeze out, warming the tube in a cup of water will thin it slightly.

The GOLD version is gold in color and is thinner than the BLUE or GOLD version, but is still a thick liquid.  Most people find it very easy to dispense.  This version has a higher concentration of CBD due to the processing removing excess plant material.  Some people store this version in a refrigerator and vape it as they would a wax or dab.

The RAW version is a thick and dark paste like the BLUE.  However, the RAW version also has CBDa (the acid form of cannabidiol) which many people prefer for their condition.


Decarbed CBD Rich Hemp Oil


The recommended amount is 1/2 gram (or 1/2 ml), which will provide 75mg of CBD.  You may take more or less than this.  Simply place the paste under your tongue and move saliva around in your mouth for 1 to 2 minutes.  You can also put this in food or smoothies.  It is recommended to take 2x per day, but, again, you can adjust this to your own need.

Test Results

Blue Label Oil CoA

US Hemp Wholesale High CBD Oil – BLUE Version

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Primary Cannabinoid



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Secondary Cannabinoid

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